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אני לא באיזור אורבני והעיר שלי ימנית אז אני לא פעיל פוליטית

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מה לגבי חדירה לצבא

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קיבלתי פטור

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איך הגעת לפה ?

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מישהו שלח לי קישור

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What do you want? @Funkerlied

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did you know that a shit to of commisars where jews

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thats a chinese hat isnt it :S

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just gonna leave this here

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i already debunked that one ones

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that list looks at the turn over period

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the starting ppl were phased out that year

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further more it list jews as non jewish

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then there is another list, at that looks at the post period which isnt relevant as it was post

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ow, and it does shows a increase

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@Deleted User I don't know, it seems to be an accurate infographic. Try to make your own

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"btw you speak Hebrew?"

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Is from a chat elsewhere

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What is it?

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What this tag means

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@Koach I gave you the reason why it isnt accurate, "it seems" <:care:312065869767245835> lol

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Make up 10 lies, by the end of the day the opposition refuted 9

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@Deleted User haven't really refuted anything, you just claimed to have refuted it. You haven't posted any single piece of evidence to support your individual refutations nor any evidence for the original assumption being true. As much as I wish as it was true, history doesn't back it up

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Because that image proves notuing

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just a few red lines on a image doesnt says shit

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further more the image it self shows a increase (ps it doesnt shows a increase i remebered incorrectly, what i should have said was" there is a really high % of jews in there compared to others"

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The image lies as it classes jews as non jews.

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And if you were a reall leftie you would know the history and you would know that in that year many ppl got replaced