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I’d rather not talk about it on the internet

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Tov ulay bipm

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Miod majnunim can

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@F0X~{A Walker} "what is this stupid idea that jews in Russia all leaned a particular way. They were on every side of the aisle" The notion isnt the way they lean, the notition is their presence in the political parties

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@n- Lol you are so bias and dogmatic. Ban him for being X

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thats facist isnt it

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@Deleted User so a few Jews relative to the Jews in the country in a giant nation get themselves involved in political parties

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it wasnt about the nation

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Most if not all them had little tono connection to religion at all

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it was about the imag that says there are x jews present. When in reality there are 4 more parties one of which a full jew party that is not mentioned by the image

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Mking set image, jewery

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If mother= Jew then they are Jewish

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IDC who their father is

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A full jew is one with a Jewish mother

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There is no point arguing with Nazis, my friend

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So, why the redirecting of topic

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They won’t engage in good faith

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n- you are bias retarded and void of argument

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Nazis are there to be shot

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also you are wrong

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That’s pretty much it

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its funny because you saying that makes the nazis better ppl then you

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shit i meant nazi sozi

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Oh no, whatever will I do? An Internet Nazi thinks Nazis are better than me

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Don’t think I’ll ever recover from that one

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Maybe if I subvert western civilization and breed with white women

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@Deleted User why does it matter if some jews got involved in politics? I think they are idiots for being heavily involved as they were

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Fuck the feds

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@n- lol , nu u

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the jews are destroying the quality of life of some of offender's friends @n-

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1 jew in particular actually

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@F0X~{A Walker} Why are you misdirecting ?

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The others do it but indirectly

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it isnt about caring if jew joins political partie

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the image is la lie as it excludes political parties that contain jews

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Ok so who produced that picture?

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The jews

2019-05-31 14:25:33 UTC