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2017-09-13 03:25:40 UTC  

still a sand rat.

2017-09-13 03:26:03 UTC  

Oh I wasn't writing it for you. I was just putting it out there

2017-09-13 03:27:16 UTC  

not only a sand nigger a communist "brony" variant

2017-09-13 03:27:32 UTC  

degeneracy +10

2017-09-13 03:29:33 UTC  

Racism and sexism stem from optical illusions in brain that are part of human condition

2017-09-13 03:30:24 UTC  

random bullshit?

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2017-09-13 03:32:18 UTC  

I want to say I like how you failed to understand that but I really don't like it. I mean, you're supposed to have a superior mindset, being alt-right and all

2017-09-13 03:33:58 UTC  

I did not understand the context of what you wrote, please re write it in a understandable form.

2017-09-13 03:34:18 UTC  

@ your previous comment on racism/sexism

2017-09-13 03:34:28 UTC  

But you're an alt-right! You don't use context!

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2017-09-13 03:35:04 UTC  

alt-right is controlled opposition I am not part of it.

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2017-09-13 03:36:37 UTC  

Awww what happened to your pic

2017-09-13 03:37:41 UTC

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2017-09-13 03:38:41 UTC  

I'm not sure how a practical depiction of insecurity is supposed to upset me

2017-09-13 03:40:04 UTC  

how is this an insecurity?

2017-09-13 03:40:29 UTC  

just because im not in a degenerate cult does not make it an "insecurity"

2017-09-13 03:42:14 UTC  

How can you fail to understand something so clear

2017-09-13 03:42:29 UTC  

это гг

2017-09-13 03:44:11 UTC  

Your lack of clear and coherent responses is probably attributable to that.

2017-09-13 03:45:56 UTC  

My apologies for your inability to grasp what I tell you

2017-09-13 03:46:47 UTC  

please form a non vague sentence like a normal person, assuming you rag heads can.

2017-09-13 03:48:03 UTC  

Oh but my sentences are clear. It is the simple mind which fails to comprehend them

2017-09-13 03:49:32 UTC

2017-09-13 03:49:48 UTC  

>acts like intellectual

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2017-09-13 03:50:01 UTC  

my sides

2017-09-13 03:50:05 UTC  

now please

2017-09-13 03:50:18 UTC  

form non vague sentence

2017-09-13 03:51:10 UTC  

I don't see how being an MLP fan is any more 'degenerate' than playing warhammer 40k tbh

2017-09-13 03:51:11 UTC  

Come on! If you're failing an argument against a communist, muslim brony, you can't be doing *all* that well in life, right? Well, at least according to your beliefs and views

2017-09-13 03:51:39 UTC  

you don't have an argument as far as I can tell.

2017-09-13 03:51:56 UTC  

nothing to argue about

2017-09-13 03:53:20 UTC  

@DessertBeagle watching a childrens cartoon about anthromorphic equine creatures while you are above the age of 35 is much worse.

2017-09-13 03:53:46 UTC  

According to....?

2017-09-13 03:54:13 UTC  

I'm not convinced, and anyways do we know Snow's age? 🤔