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both traits that i as an individual have

2017-09-13 20:50:23 UTC  

@Deleted User I think he's an Ingush tho. And the white race was named after them, Caucasians for some reason.

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Why did you ping me>

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You called him a sandnigger

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2017-09-14 16:02:19 UTC  

make a muslim lgbt furry channel please

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shim sallabhim

2017-09-14 16:20:15 UTC  

hallah huramma

2017-09-14 16:20:17 UTC  

gas ze kikes

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ook merci pour la contribution

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In'3az umk ylzeg, kl tbn zi weyhk el7mar

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That was actually directed at you

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This is one of those times where I catch myself wishing a stranger understood Arabic

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mudslime piece of shit

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I find it weird that I actually like true supporters of actual Naziism, as opposed to online-wannabe Nazi memers that are 99 in a 100

2017-09-14 20:54:43 UTC  

Why is Arabic written in latin with numbers?

The latin Lebanese looked nothing like that

2017-09-14 22:35:45 UTC  

the numbers 2 3 '3 4 5 6 '6 7 8 9 '9 represent letters that are not present in English

2017-09-14 22:37:19 UTC  

And I don't think that's Arabic. I can make out the phrases "Wala Waa7id" and "w law mahma.." "Na3mil ta'3yiraat" but not much else

2017-09-14 22:37:27 UTC  

and I speak fluent Arabic

2017-09-14 22:41:18 UTC  

Is Arabic hard to learn?

2017-09-15 02:26:41 UTC  

@Valtiel Yeah, I would not suggest trying to learn it whatsoever. There are just so many dialects that if someone were to get a PhD in Arabic and then travel to the middle east, they would not be able to speak to anyone they meet. The best they would be able to do is order food (even this is an iffy), watch the news, read signs and that's about it

2017-09-15 02:28:12 UTC  

I just want to learn German after Spanish

2017-09-15 02:28:32 UTC  

I'm learning German

2017-09-15 02:28:43 UTC  

Since I already know Spanish. Stay salty you nationalists

2017-09-15 02:28:58 UTC  

I took German for two years in HS

2017-09-15 02:29:21 UTC  

Oh nice, then you should be set

2017-09-15 02:30:25 UTC  

Yeah but I only know how to ask for things like woe ist da toliet

2017-09-15 02:30:35 UTC  

Or were ist du

2017-09-15 02:30:40 UTC  

I dunno

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2017-09-15 02:31:26 UTC  

well, 2 years is still a good amount

2017-09-15 02:31:45 UTC  

Dad ist deine jacke

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2017-09-15 02:32:17 UTC  

Yeah it was high schools requirement

2017-09-15 02:32:32 UTC  

Lucky. I didn't have options

2017-09-15 02:32:35 UTC  

Since I'm Hispanic why would I take am easy A?