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2018-01-31 18:21:15 UTC  

because syndicalism is a form of socialism

2018-01-31 18:24:06 UTC  

>Falangists destroy CNT FAI
>Mousillini purges communists and anarchists

2018-01-31 18:24:37 UTC  

because they were'nt the same kind of socialists

2018-01-31 18:24:43 UTC  

By that definition, WW2 was leftist infighting.

2018-01-31 18:25:02 UTC  

and radically different views on social issues

2018-01-31 18:27:06 UTC  

Fascism is not a left or right worldview

2018-01-31 18:28:40 UTC  

Now hold on, there is no way that a socialist would be somebody like cordreanu, or mousillini, because, they fight for both their race, and nation, and an economy that benefits the NATION.

2018-01-31 18:29:37 UTC  

their economies were syndicalist

2018-01-31 18:29:41 UTC  

de facto socialism

2018-01-31 18:31:14 UTC  

So you call it socialist, but in reality it is just yours by claim?

2018-01-31 18:33:05 UTC  

its not marxist socialism

2018-01-31 18:33:08 UTC  

but its socialism

2018-01-31 18:33:49 UTC  

every great nationalist movement has had some socialist ideals if not a very socialist economy

2018-01-31 18:34:34 UTC  

every great socialist state has been somewhat nationalistic if not atleast patriotic

2018-01-31 19:17:36 UTC  

To the fascist state comes first but had syndicalist economies

2018-01-31 19:18:11 UTC  

So you then admit that national socialism IS socialism? You have no good reason to believe that socialism means that workers own everything, and afterall, the people you have provided have worked against you, because some allowed private production methods, meaning that national socialism has every reason to call itself socialism.

2018-01-31 19:18:50 UTC  

To the socialist the likes of Stalin, Mao, Kim il sung etc class came first but had very strong patriotism and nationalism

2018-01-31 19:19:08 UTC  

That is true.

2018-01-31 19:19:19 UTC  

...a little.

2018-01-31 19:20:09 UTC  

Hitlerism is more akin to social democracy and is the forebearer of the current nordic model

2018-01-31 19:20:44 UTC  

Nordic countries used to be mildly ethnocentric as well

2018-01-31 19:23:36 UTC  

So while its not you're waspy capitalism

2018-01-31 19:23:44 UTC  

Its still capitalism

2018-01-31 20:07:41 UTC  

So in other words, you cocede that it is.

2018-02-01 03:35:16 UTC  

@Krieg#0336 I've always thought that Nazi Germany was a corporatist economy where the Government had a lot of influence over capitalist monopolies, nowhere near a social democracy ala Nordic countries. Also, on Mousillini being a National Syndicalist, from what I heard he abandond Syndicalism quite quickly. Correct me if I'm wrong, however.
And for the record, I would personally accept Strasserism as a form of socialism, albeit a bastard child of socialism and fascism.

2018-02-01 08:08:49 UTC  
2018-02-01 17:22:30 UTC  

@Builderelf You thought wrong.

2018-02-01 17:23:10 UTC  

Corpratism was more of a mousillini and pelley thing.

2018-02-01 18:11:43 UTC  

Any IWW member in here?

2018-02-01 18:12:04 UTC  

@stratagast Hi Doom.

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What is your reading list of Strasserism?

2018-02-01 22:32:37 UTC  

@Builderelf corporatism by definition is the organization of society based on collectives ie like in italy businesses of the same industry would be merged into one. They called it fascist syndicalism.

2018-02-01 22:33:22 UTC  

@Тхе Западни Србин#1770

2018-02-01 22:37:15 UTC  

@Krieg#0336 But I thought the key thing of syndicalism was that it was owned by the workers, not the government?

2018-02-02 01:08:11 UTC  

Yeah, I’m in the IWW. I’m new though, just joined last month @stratagast

2018-02-02 01:15:53 UTC  

Also @Deleted User @kriegsmariner VA lemme do a bit of research here, I’ll try and find the people that said Germany was corporatist, and look at some of their sources. I’ll be back

2018-02-02 01:16:55 UTC  

@Builderelf Sources?

2018-02-02 01:17:03 UTC  

Germany? Corporatist?

2018-02-02 01:18:07 UTC  

lulz yeah germany was basically a racist social democracy

2018-02-02 01:20:04 UTC  

mussolini was a staunch sorelianist