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N"S" to race

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Unless it is somewhere like vichy france where it was a german/italian occupied place, it would most likely have an independant system.

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Okay, from what I see and what I'm researching right now, I could definetly see @Krieg#0336's arguement for Germany being a "racist social democracy". For instance:
-Taxation was high
-Government spending was through the roof
-Private business was allowed to operate
-Healthcare was a thing
-Keynes himself LIKED the Germany economy
-Pensions were even given out, apparently

However, I'm also seeing elements of totalitarianism in there. For instance, State-Run Trade Unions designed to squeeze out productivity in factories. Also, military spending took was as high as 32% of the budget-- that doesn't sound like a Social Democracy at all! Additionally, the reason that public projects such as job programs and industry protectionism seems to be mainly for the sake of increasing productivy of home industries, not for the sake of basic human rights, as it is in Nordic countries.

So in other words, I'd place Hitlerist economics as an Authoritarian-Right version of Social Democracy. Not quite corporatism, not quite social democracy, a strange kind of militaritic totalitarian welfare state.

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@Krieg#0336 Fascism and national socialism do not believe in devolution of the class, which is something that communism and socialism want, but rather they want both the worker, and the owner, and the government cooperating for the benefit of the nation.

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why yes, this is true. I know a fascist friend that claims that fascism calls for "Class Collaboration, not Class Warfare", so thats correct @Deleted User

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well duh its easier to work together when one class isn't fucking the other

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@Builderelf That is one of the biggest characteristics of national socialism, as well as the italian, romanian, spanish, and more, is that it cannot be mapped on a simple political scale that is determined by an alogorithm.

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I would also agree that fascist economics has more diversity than people give it credit for.

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fascism isn't an economic system more of a world view

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or principles

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Then again @Deleted User , thats because political compass tests are actually cancerous ways of viewing politics

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closest thing to experiencing fascism in america would be like being in the military or a sports team

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yeah, fascism has more roots in politics if anything. Probably why history classes don't cover it's economy very much and why fascist economics are so diverse.

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i mean Mussolini called Stalin a fascist

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@Builderelf Ah yes, according to MK, next leap, and a squires trial, a person needs to do what they are best at, and using that skill, they produce products and more, to benefit the state, or that is the very generalized and summarized version of it.

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@Krieg#0336 Citation needed.

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Red Fascism

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@Krieg#0336 big oof

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@Builderelf History classes hardly teach you anything.

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but then again, my latest history classes have been a lot better

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for instance, my current history teacher is W O K E af

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I don't think that makes the course inhereintly better, however.

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he legit knows what Mutualism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, Marx's Labor Theory of Value etc. are. I have NEVER seen a history teacher talk about any of that. He's pretty fricking lit.

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hell, he's the sponsor for my socialist club

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so overall a pretty cool dude

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i mean true @Deleted User

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but I still think he covers a lot in his US history classes

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I sure learned a lot.

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Interesting, it seems that more predictions are coming true.

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what predictions did you have?

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Oh I was referring to GLR's and the elder's of zion's predictions.

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Anyways, I seriously doubt that you will still cover that much within US history, granted you will learn some more info, but not *that* much more, since like previous classes, you will have to cover around 400-200 years of history in less than a year.

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well, as far as America is concerned it can cover a lot. obviously I won't learn shit about, say, South Africa or something.

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But I learned about some pretty major Labor Unions within the mid-late 19th century up to the early 20th century.

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That isn't really much to go off of....

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I mean yhea, there were labour unions..... haven't they always existed since the early industrial revolution?

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well obviously, I just didn't know that the AFL or the Knight of Labor were a thing.

2018-02-02 02:14:36 UTC  

Specifically those labor unions.

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but I see your point nonetheless, the American education system is in desperate need for reform.