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And has not ruined any countries

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oy vey goyim

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I mean the privileged relationship between Italy and Russia goes back to Mussolini and Stalins mutual respect

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Italy only got dragged into the war because of an autistic Austrian apart from that they both saw the capitalist west as more of a threat than eachother

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Then weirdly enough Himmler once praised Stalin and the Soviets over the Italians as the Italians weren't "revolutionary like the fuhrer"

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He killed gorillions of his own people goy

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yes,stalin did that

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2 to 60 million wtf

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@Krieg#0336 It's like the holocaust numbers now!

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@Biermann#5625 hilarious and original meme

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very original @Biermann#5625

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@Krieg#0336 Population of Russia 120 million. 60 million killed. Population became 140 million. This is American mathematics mate.

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I agree

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even as an anarchist, I still think that the death toll under stalin is ridiculously exagerated

2018-02-03 04:56:53 UTC  

its more like 25 mil if you count from both famines AND from ww2, and even that is pretty exaggerated.

2018-02-03 04:57:16 UTC  

but population growth and population in general would've boomed under this period due to Stalins high amount of industrialization

2018-02-03 04:57:29 UTC  

for instance, before stalin life expectancy was around ~37 or so

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it became like 60 something by the end of the reign

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which meant that more children were being born (becaues medicine) and people were living longer

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which counteracted some of the pop loss from ww2 and famines

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but not nearly enough to facilitate +80 Million people in 20 years, thats just absurd

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+40 Million at the absolute most is the most believable

2018-02-03 04:58:57 UTC  

Our estimate is 300k

2018-02-03 04:59:52 UTC  

death from Gulag + executions.

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300k is a lot

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Estimates I've seen is about 1-2 million, but thats just because the Soviet Union is pretty damn big place.

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And is of a shameful legasy

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besides, there a lot of kulaks to get rid of

2018-02-03 05:00:59 UTC  

honnestly, the kulaks deserved it, but I don't like the fact that Stalin sent anarchists to the gulags too

2018-02-03 05:01:19 UTC  

besides that act of Left Secretarianism, Stalin was a pretty cool noodle

2018-02-03 05:02:07 UTC  

There were not many anarchists. Anarchists were kept in regular prisons separately from everybody else. Conditions for them were better than conditions of soldiers on the WW2 front.

2018-02-03 05:02:45 UTC  

nonetheless, still sent to prisons.