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2019-06-17 00:27:36 UTC  

we believe in a single god we also believe that the bible used to be gods word

2019-06-17 00:27:44 UTC  

but as we know today people changed it

2019-06-17 00:28:09 UTC  

So the Old Testament, not the new one

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2019-06-17 00:28:27 UTC  

its not out there anymore

2019-06-17 00:28:39 UTC  

the untouched one

2019-06-17 00:28:49 UTC  

i believe, im not an expert on this

2019-06-17 00:29:40 UTC  

Why are we arguing about Islam like Christianity isn't just as violent?

2019-06-17 00:29:41 UTC  

Do you believe Jesus was resurrected?

2019-06-17 00:29:50 UTC  

Eh, this debate has been fun but I have to leave, you definitely won it tho

2019-06-17 00:29:50 UTC  

islam isnt violent

2019-06-17 00:30:13 UTC  

ttyl man

2019-06-17 00:30:15 UTC  

Neither is Christendom

2019-06-17 00:30:19 UTC  

if you have questions ask

2019-06-17 00:31:03 UTC  

Most religions have done some violent act, such as the crusades for Christians, or the violent war for Islam now

2019-06-17 00:31:22 UTC  

So all religions have at one point been violent

2019-06-17 00:31:35 UTC  

ofc there has been muslims that have done bad things thats why you also need to seperate islam from muslims

2019-06-17 00:31:53 UTC  

Actually no

2019-06-17 00:32:13 UTC  

They did a pole and I believe it was 48 percent but don’t quote me on that

2019-06-17 00:32:22 UTC  

There's lemming muslims just like lemming christians

2019-06-17 00:32:28 UTC  

I would need to find it again

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2019-06-17 00:33:02 UTC  

uneducated muslims is why people hate us today lol

2019-06-17 00:33:27 UTC  

uneducated atheists christians etc is why things like the christchurch shooting happen today

2019-06-17 00:33:34 UTC  

Is there a difference between African, Somali, Muslims, and Arab Muslims???

2019-06-17 00:33:47 UTC  
2019-06-17 00:34:04 UTC  

Yeah they are sects

2019-06-17 00:34:04 UTC  

@FURRY SUPREME everyone is different

2019-06-17 00:34:18 UTC  

I heard the lighter skinned a muslim is, the higher class they are

2019-06-17 00:34:25 UTC  

Because they blend in better

2019-06-17 00:34:31 UTC  

lol no

2019-06-17 00:34:41 UTC  

same sksksks

2019-06-17 00:35:09 UTC  

the first person who did the islamic call to prayer was actually a black man btw

2019-06-17 00:35:15 UTC  

If you're a light skinned muslim in a majority Christian Country, you fit in better than a light's out Somali Muslim

2019-06-17 00:35:18 UTC  

a slave the prophet sav freed

2019-06-17 00:35:40 UTC  

said to have a very beautiful voice

2019-06-17 00:36:07 UTC  

whats your name man

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Should I make my profile pic a JoJos meme or my ugly mug

2019-06-17 00:37:15 UTC