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2017-07-31 03:37:04 UTC  

Oh shi-!

2017-07-31 03:37:17 UTC  

How was AmRen, goy?

2017-07-31 03:38:20 UTC  

@Lathan_TX I made a fashy mix. I can link you to it if you'd like. It does have Blink 1488 in it plus Moonman, Mr. Bond, and a few others.

2017-07-31 03:39:52 UTC  

Annnnnd I'm listening to Nuclear Shadows on the Wall again.

2017-07-31 03:40:01 UTC  

It's my new favorite song

2017-07-31 03:40:15 UTC  

I love them all @stormbjornn

2017-07-31 03:40:20 UTC  

Even bond

2017-07-31 03:40:21 UTC  


2017-07-31 03:40:27 UTC  

Movie starting. Later goys

2017-07-31 03:40:43 UTC  

@stormbjornn please link it

2017-07-31 03:41:12 UTC  

Later fashy folks.

2017-07-31 03:41:29 UTC  

Later my goy

2017-07-31 03:41:36 UTC  

Well when we get home.

2017-07-31 03:54:57 UTC

2017-07-31 03:55:05 UTC  
2017-07-31 03:55:42 UTC  

I dont feel like arguing with an obvious retard

2017-07-31 03:55:59 UTC  

VA members saying things are flip flops? And torches, being American symbols already, are stolen from... who?

2017-07-31 03:58:02 UTC  

Also we have no official stance on the SS or any part of it

2017-07-31 03:58:40 UTC  

Like I said he's a retard

2017-07-31 04:02:08 UTC  

Lions worried about a retard sheep? Cmon fellas

2017-07-31 04:20:32 UTC  

Byron vandal is great

2017-07-31 04:20:45 UTC  

This is music I can jam with normies

2017-07-31 04:24:59 UTC  

I can't wait til we join a serious militia group like Identity Europa. It will be fantastic being organized meatheads who don't want to be known as homophobes or Nazis instead of disorganized racist homophobic meatheads :]

2017-07-31 04:32:55 UTC

2017-07-31 04:33:25 UTC  

Ask who the hell Restitution is

2017-07-31 04:38:12 UTC  


2017-07-31 04:40:21 UTC  

Who is that lol

2017-07-31 04:40:32 UTC  

It's not stolen if nobody has ever heard of it

2017-07-31 04:41:04 UTC  

Stolen who the fuck cares if something is stolen anyway. Our race is DYING

2017-07-31 04:42:28 UTC  

Faggots need to get on board or off board

2017-07-31 04:42:31 UTC  

None of this inbetween shit

2017-07-31 04:43:03 UTC  

Same with the purity spiralers

2017-07-31 04:43:23 UTC  

We got bigger shit to worry about other than "does this guy have a slightly different political ideology than my own"

2017-07-31 04:43:53 UTC  


2017-07-31 04:44:45 UTC  

Steal everything if it helps

2017-07-31 04:48:40 UTC  

If it'll save our race do it. Steal. Kill. Lie. Whatever. If we gotta cheat then so be it. I'd rather sell my soul than have worthless half bred grandchildren who are slaves to jews

2017-07-31 04:54:45 UTC  

Kikes are the dirtiest of enemies the white race has ever faced. And we're worried about stealing a design.

2017-07-31 04:57:38 UTC  

I volunteer to be one of 14 million. Assign me a Jew.

2017-07-31 05:12:40 UTC  


2017-07-31 05:12:55 UTC  

I guess that's what we get

2017-07-31 05:13:16 UTC  

For caring too much about White people.