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2017-07-07 01:13:27 UTC Ctrl+F "Jew" 0 of 0. Looks like she's clean

2017-07-07 01:13:59 UTC  

But she married a Jew

2017-07-07 01:14:37 UTC  

His paternal grandparents were Ashkenazi Jewish emigrants from Lithuania and Russia,[5][6][7] while his mother is a Catholic of Irish and Italian descent.[7][8]

2017-07-07 01:15:10 UTC  

When you start digging, you find large noses protruding from every shadow, it seems

2017-07-07 01:27:40 UTC  

Andre the Giant isn't explicitly mentioned to be Jewish, just Polish-Bulgarian and born in France. Being Polish, there's a decent chance of him being Jewish, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt

2017-07-07 01:54:15 UTC  

Andre the Giant isn't jewish

2017-07-07 01:54:16 UTC  

I've never seen a Jew 6 feet tall or higher

2017-07-07 01:54:32 UTC  

And without glasses

2017-07-07 01:54:35 UTC  

Yeah same

2017-07-07 01:54:46 UTC  

They are cripples

2017-07-07 01:54:55 UTC  

They are also more likely to have mental issues and be lactose intolerant

2017-07-07 01:55:02 UTC  

And no be able to digest honey

2017-07-07 01:59:32 UTC  

Is honey implicitly white?

2017-07-07 01:59:59 UTC  


2017-07-07 02:04:49 UTC  

Only locally sourced, organic honey. Must be harvested within 1/4 mile of your house or else it's nigger tier.

2017-07-07 02:05:42 UTC  

But once you get the honey, even if it's meant for others as well, hoarding and eating it all is actually not nigger tier at all. Common misconception.

2017-07-07 02:11:47 UTC  

Thomas speaks from experience, it seems

2017-07-07 02:12:14 UTC  

Sylvester Stallone is 1/4 Russian Jew it seems 😢

2017-07-07 02:19:03 UTC  

Mmhmm i think he does

2017-07-07 02:28:01 UTC  

Hey Southrons. Anybody know much about Tal Kopan? She is the primary CNN reporter on immigration issues. Her articles about travel ban, and wall are about what you'd expect.

2017-07-07 02:32:14 UTC  

She looks Jewish

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christ she's jewy

2017-07-07 02:37:09 UTC  

She has her own domain name.

2017-07-07 02:37:29 UTC  

Former Buzzfeed <:israelCube:318918351768256512> reporter.

2017-07-07 02:37:54 UTC  

IMO, immigration is the only reason for any of us to have voted for trump.

2017-07-07 02:38:11 UTC  

This witch is doing all in her power to throw a wet blanket on the wall and whatnot.

2017-07-07 02:38:20 UTC  

And we are at war with CNN.

2017-07-07 02:38:58 UTC  

If she's not a kike, then I'm probably a nigger

2017-07-07 02:40:58 UTC  

She has an open Twatter, facebook, and bridal registry.

2017-07-07 02:42:06 UTC  

Did she go to U Chicago?

2017-07-07 02:43:02 UTC  

I think so

2017-07-07 02:44:39 UTC  

Lot of sites to try on this^

2017-07-07 02:45:58 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan Goyim I.....

2017-07-07 02:47:10 UTC  

What we need to do, is gather up a shitload of info on this woman, and then release it right during a big immigration debate/hearing/bill in order to disrupt our enemy.

2017-07-07 02:47:21 UTC  

Gnawm sayn??

2017-07-07 02:51:03 UTC  
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I wonder what a whois lookup will show?