Message from Springbok in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #modeling

2019-04-12 13:37:09 UTC  

I've found a couple of images of the Unimog soft skinned vehicle in use in SWA were these used quite often? As I'm not sure whether to include them or not as the Buffel is pretty much the same thing just with the armoured cabin.

It may just be a waste of time and resources to include this if it wasn't used in high numbers.

2019-04-12 13:38:41 UTC  

Second question.

Was the Y2 MGL widely issued? I only have a few references of it and nothing more. I'd like to know what units and roles were they issued to and what time frame? 80's?

2019-04-12 13:39:58 UTC  

Unimogs are early war, after 86 only SF in mozam used mogs

2019-04-12 13:40:26 UTC  

You could maybe just use the buffel

2019-04-12 13:41:13 UTC  

Ja I may consider doing the soft skin Unimog down the line just to flesh out the SADF early war period a bit but it's not a priority at the moment

2019-04-12 13:41:25 UTC  

Have you shown them my Buffel and other vehicles?

2019-04-12 13:42:01 UTC  

Snotneus was only issued to fighting units as far as they know

2019-04-12 13:42:16 UTC  

My dad only used it when they were attached to 62 mech

2019-04-12 13:42:49 UTC  

Wasn't the Snotneus the M79?

2019-04-12 13:43:02 UTC  

Or was the "snotneus" nickname also applied to the Milkor Y2 MGL?

2019-04-12 13:45:06 UTC  

My Milkor Y2 MGL still work in progress. Been awhile since I worked on it though as I was preoccupied with the other models.

2019-04-12 13:45:06 UTC

2019-04-12 13:45:23 UTC  

They applied snotneus to all GLs

2019-04-12 13:45:40 UTC  

Ah alright good to know

2019-04-12 13:45:49 UTC

2019-04-12 13:46:17 UTC  

And it was issued after 83-84 as well

2019-04-12 13:46:45 UTC  

They started using more MAGs per unit as well

2019-04-12 13:46:53 UTC  

More mortars as well

2019-04-12 13:46:58 UTC  

Lots of 60mm

2019-04-12 13:48:18 UTC  

The M26 grenade was also used by troops correct?

2019-04-12 13:53:13 UTC  

Yes m26

2019-04-12 13:54:10 UTC  

Was the writing on the grenade in English or Afrikaans? Since I believe they were locally manufactured the writing on the grenades if there was any may have differed from the US version? Might be something difficult to recall though.

2019-04-12 13:54:38 UTC  

It's the small details like this that while not super important are nice to get right.

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2019-04-12 13:59:33 UTC  

Okay cool. That's about it for now, thanks man.

2019-04-12 13:59:35 UTC  

All english

2019-04-12 13:59:41 UTC  

Cool cool

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2019-04-12 20:06:33 UTC  

unimogs in africa

2019-04-12 20:06:54 UTC  

Ja the SADF used plenty of them. The Buffel uses a Unimog chassis

2019-04-12 20:07:02 UTC  

superb vehicles

2019-04-12 20:07:07 UTC  

german engineering

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2019-04-12 21:18:33 UTC  

progress so far today.

* Galil

* R4

* R5

2019-04-12 21:18:37 UTC

2019-04-12 21:18:37 UTC

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2019-04-12 21:19:33 UTC  

Still plenty of issues with bad proportions and such. As some stuff I've done by eye. I made the mistake of going too detailed too soon on this which is biting me in the arse now.

2019-04-13 20:53:52 UTC  

Current line up of WIP vehicle models.

2019-04-13 20:55:17 UTC  

Eland door holes look weird because they're N-gons which causes artifacts in Marmoset as well as UE4. They need to be turned into quads.