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2022-07-04 22:20:30 UTC

2022-07-04 22:22:37 UTC

2022-07-04 22:23:16 UTC

Why did he do it

2022-07-04 22:24:02 UTC

probably groomed

2022-07-04 22:24:30 UTC

Why’d you kill ‘em bro?

2022-07-04 22:25:03 UTC

he's gonna burn in hell 🙏

2022-07-04 22:25:08 UTC

drain boss

2022-07-04 22:25:12 UTC

take a knife and drain ur life

2022-07-04 22:25:17 UTC

already done

2022-07-04 22:25:23 UTC

free thaiboy

2022-07-04 22:25:26 UTC

said it twice

2022-07-04 22:25:27 UTC

2022-07-04 22:25:35 UTC

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2022-07-04 22:25:36 UTC

ecco pull up in a rover

2022-07-04 22:25:40 UTC

Hi based

2022-07-04 22:25:51 UTC

2022-07-04 22:25:58 UTC

goatse andy in general

2022-07-04 22:26:24 UTC

2022-07-04 22:26:46 UTC

2022-07-04 22:26:49 UTC

@W0RMH01E Thoughts on this dogshit?

2022-07-04 22:27:10 UTC


2022-07-04 22:27:12 UTC

2022-07-04 22:27:21 UTC
2022-07-04 22:27:23 UTC

I wanted to be apart of this if we all get investigated by the fbi so I joined

2022-07-04 22:27:26 UTC


2022-07-04 22:27:30 UTC


2022-07-04 22:27:35 UTC

The owner of the server shot a parade up

2022-07-04 22:27:39 UTC


2022-07-04 22:27:43 UTC


2022-07-04 22:27:43 UTC

Not surprised

2022-07-04 22:27:44 UTC


2022-07-04 22:27:46 UTC

Just a couple hours ago

2022-07-04 22:27:55 UTC

Do you think this is a based action?

2022-07-04 22:27:58 UTC

Lol i'm like 20 miles from where it happened

2022-07-04 22:27:59 UTC

2022-07-04 22:27:59 UTC


2022-07-04 22:28:00 UTC

i was just in here for his music lol

2022-07-04 22:28:08 UTC

he only really had one good song