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2022-07-04 22:27:05 UTC [SS #politics]


2022-07-04 22:27:58 UTC [SS #memes]

Lol i'm like 20 miles from where it happened

2022-07-04 22:28:30 UTC [SS #memes]

Fr shits crazy

2022-07-04 22:28:41 UTC [SS #memes]

He's probably at a friends house rn

2022-07-04 22:30:08 UTC [SS #memes]

Maybe both?

2022-07-04 22:30:41 UTC [SS #memes]

Access to the internet, plus the police released his name

2022-07-04 22:30:51 UTC [SS #memes]

0% chance its not him

2022-07-04 22:35:02 UTC [SS #politics]

Where do I get converted to a shooter by the cia

2022-07-04 22:35:07 UTC [SS #politics]

Is this the wrong discord?

2022-07-04 22:35:30 UTC [SS #memes]

Sus link

2022-07-04 22:36:44 UTC [SS #politics]

Anarchist? He definitely isn't from a very right wing area or looks like a right wing dude

2022-07-04 22:37:31 UTC [SS #politics]

It looks like he went off social media like end of last year

2022-07-04 22:37:40 UTC [SS #politics]

Last insta post was oct 2021 before it got taken down

2022-07-04 22:37:48 UTC [SS #politics]

and last facebook post was january

2022-07-04 22:38:56 UTC [SS #politics]

tfw you don't know what anarchy is and think its just being left wing meaning they like commies

2022-07-04 22:39:19 UTC [SS #politics]

Anarchy is literally the opposite of communism

2022-07-04 22:40:02 UTC [SS #politics]

You mean how communism is the path to pure freedom? Yea we've seen a lot of that I'm sure

2022-07-04 22:40:06 UTC [SS #politics]

Edit to call me a facist lol

2022-07-04 22:40:38 UTC [SS #chess-club]

@Gabe moving to here bc spam

2022-07-04 22:41:11 UTC [SS #chess-club]

Not saying he's not a reactionary, just saying he could be a communist

2022-07-04 22:42:13 UTC [SS #chess-club]

Sorry anarchist**

2022-07-04 22:42:42 UTC [SS #chess-club]


2022-07-04 22:43:29 UTC [SS #chess-club]

I think server might be getting nuked, watch the member numbers lol

2022-07-04 22:43:46 UTC [SS #chess-club]

watched it go from 1700 to 1500 in like 5 seconds

2022-07-04 22:44:02 UTC [SS #chess-club]

Adios amigos

2022-07-04 22:44:08 UTC [SS #chess-club]

Its been a good ride

26 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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