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I still don't know if the majority of fascists are capitalists.

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I've seen the argument for capitalism and it seems very selfish for a non materialistic, non selfish political cause.

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Small scale capitalism, in the sense of "Mr. Baker is a doctor but, since he was a child, has wanted to open a bookstore. He's been saving money, and when he retires, opens his own bookstore." - the free enterprise aspect is trad as it gets and very wholesome.

Large scale capitalism, "Schlomo informs Moshe that they are going to start selling water for $2 a gallon instead of 50 cents" is inherently evil.

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Bingo. So there is an agreed middle ground, that's refreshing.

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I like the idea of rationing necessities and money earned through your career can fund desires.

For example, public transportation being paid for by taxes but cars being a private investment.

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^^^^ I like

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These shitty cartoons always have me rolling lmao

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Hey you guys were talking about free market economics

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I have a good copy pasta I made up about 3rd position economics

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To my understanding, third positionism means that the market is free, however, if the business threatens the state, or harms the nation's citizens, by either outsourcing jobs, relocating, making deals with enemy nations, or hiring immigrants because they are cheaper, the state will take over the business, and run it the right way. Theres also protectionism in trade. There is a free market, until a business/corporation breaks one of the rules.
-Outsources jobs to third world countries
-outsources hq to save on taxes
-uses immigrants as sources of cheap labor
-sells out to other competing nations
If a rule is broken, the government will seize the company, control it until it is running functionally within the parameters set by the gov, then return the business to reappoint a CEO, or any other positions made vacant by wrong doers.
Welfare is only for veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. If you legitimately can not get a job, you will do government work, like road work, construction, renovation, etc, for a livable wage that will support you and your family.

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It's basically free market for the Middle class because that's what works, and regulation for huge corporations and the like

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Low taxes and regulations on middle and lower but higher taxes on corporations and super rich because they can afford it, protectionism to guard against malpractice ect

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That sounds 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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Free market middle class is outstanding.

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Thank you

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@Nathan TX Economic distribution follows the pareto principle. Any tax plan that violates this principle instead of working with it will corrupt the governing institutions.

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What do you mean

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There isn't much distribution going on

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The problem with this 3rd position is that Mr X holds a position in government to decide if a company is violating the rules. He decides company ABC is and nationalized it, removing the owner from power and eventually handing it over to his politically connected friends.

2017-06-24 15:02:48 UTC  

The only way to avoid that is to make sure we 1. Have no kikes
2. Make the penalty for such a crime so severe that no one would dare.

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I'm not entirely concrete on the removal and temporary absorption of company/position by govt

2017-06-24 15:04:04 UTC  

That's just part of it

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The main focus is the economic protectionism, it's basically free market with common sense nationalist restrictions

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West Texas baby

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Seizing the company would be literally worst case scenario, not for any minor thing

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I'm gonna change that

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Economics is a meme within itself

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Econimics are a meme.

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Is a meme. Idk.

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Seizure would be worst case scenario and would be voted on by some kind of a board, I imagine. Putting one guy in charge of that doesn't seem sound

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If it's determined that people are voting to seize a company illegally like that, then treat them as traitors.

Bringing back crucifixion or scaphism would prevent anybody from doing it.

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Take a canoe, smaller than a man. Put the man on his back on the canoe. Lash him to the canoe with ropes. Paint EVERY orifice with honey. Put him out on a lake in the dead of summer.

Come back routinely to keep the honey fresh. The flies will do your work on the man for you.

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There are variations, but it was the ultimate punishment under the Achaemenid Persians