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"I had not been with Denikin more than a month before I was forced to the conclusion that the Jew represented a very big element in the Russian upheaval. The officers and men of the Army laid practically all the blame for their country's troubles on the Hebrew. They held that the whole cataclysm had been engineered by some great and mysterious secret society of international Jews"

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@FairUse WA u going to be our Joel osteen

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text wall incoming

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"All the figures and facts that were then available appeared to lend colour to this contention. No less than 82 per cent of the Bolshevik Commissars were known to be Jews, the fierce and implacable 'Trotsky,' who shared office with Lenin, being a Yiddisher whose real name was Bronstein. Among Denikin's officers this idea was an obsession of such terrible bitterness and insistency as to lead them into making statements of the wildest and most fantastic character. Many of them had persuaded themselves that Freemasonry was, in alliance with the Jews, part and parcel of the Bolshevik machine, and that what they had called the diabolical schemes for Russia's downfall had been hatched in the Petrograd and Moscow Masonic lodges. When I told them that I and most of my best friends were Freemasons, and that England owed a great deal to its loyal Jews, they stared at me askance and sadly shook their heads in fear for England's credulity in trusting the chosen race. One even asked me quietly whether I personally was a Jew. When America showed herself decidedly against any kind of interference in Russia, the idea soon gained wide credence that President Woodrow Wilson was a Jew, while Mr. Lloyd George was referred to as a Jew whenever a cable from England appeared to show him as being lukewarm in support of the anti-Bolsheviks.[7]"

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@Fox Tx You have guessed incorrectly.

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I'm here to swell your ranks and overtake all other groups. All of them.

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@FairUse WA I was kind of right I meant attracting people on the streets

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With your honeyed words

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I love that top one.

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I love them both

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@Fox Tx You catch more flies when you have a fly catcher. @Thomas Ryan People are already asking me where they can buy these flags.

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I know, we need some dough so we can print them

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Anyway I could get an invite to the national

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I'm partial to the Black Sun but #2 I like even better

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And you need to print them so you'll have some dough. Maybe there's a teespring for flags.

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@here National server invite

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Do we have any Canadian affiliates? Just out of curiosity. Asking for a friend

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Not yet anyway

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though I'm certain your friend can find allied movements out that way

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and he should if he's interested

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Gotcha. She actually lol

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Good, our movement can use more Lana Lokteffs

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She is a lot like that

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And I'm pleased to say that I had a small part in her red pilling (at least on race, JQ, etc)

2017-06-21 01:12:40 UTC  

that reflects well on you, women are naturally drawn to strong men

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I'm on voice. Anyone else want to hop pn

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Siri won't stop

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Off topic anyone have some ideas on recruiting in FL I'd like to see more members here so we can hold rally's and meetings at some point

2017-06-21 01:17:35 UTC  

Thomas you still there?

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If you guys are talking I guess I can't hear. Idk what is up with my headset(s)