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I did get to KO black guys 2 seperate times with takedowns.

Wrestling is the Zulu kryptonite!!

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Lol they freak out when they can't breathe

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Or can't breathe comfortably

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It really does pay off to know how to grapple

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Haha they're like trout in a puddle. It's adorable.

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Bear with the long post, please…

I follow this stuff pretty close on the intertubes. If you have a video of a white person fighting back and then the other blacks jumping in, I’d like to see it.

I have five dogs. When one falls down, this weird thing happens where several of the other dogs will attack it at the same time. It ends quickly when I shout once, but it starts that way.

However, when two of them get in a fight, the other dogs hang back and watch.

There’s a big difference in social dynamic there. In the first instance, they all see a weakness and for some reason are compelled to attack in a gang. In the latter instance, there’s not weakness so much as jockeying for social position.

It has been my personal experience that blacks behave roughly the same way.

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Our women must never be like the little white girl in that Breitbart video. Our women have to know to pick that ankle, dump the bluey on her back, get top position, and go from there. They can't be thinking about getting prosecuted or be frozen with fear and dealing with the physical pain for the moment and the emotional humiliation for much long after.

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I haven't stumbled on any videos I've just seen it happen to a lot of people irl (myself included) even the ones who aren't gang affiliated behave in the same fashion. They feel like it's their duty to jump in whereas I've seen many white men stand down as their buddies get stomped. It's a weird cultural thing that I attribute to them feeling more like family where we're afraid to see ourselves that way

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Much less behave as such

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Ah, gangs proper are a different matter, I agree.

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That being said for the most part our women are ladies and genuinely don't know what to do in a fight

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Because they're proper ladies lol

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Nor do many of our men.

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90% of men can't even hit a bag with respectable force.

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Except the trailer park girls- that's a totally different story

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@Tyler0317 This is something I believe very deeply in for some reason, and I know you do too. I believe if we're going to be Identitarians, we have to be as versed in self-defense as we are in "Culture of Critique" and all that stuff. Fitness is not merely asthetic.

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Videos like that - white people sitting there getting pounded on the head - have a much broader effect too. It's a signal of white weakness, just like everything else the white west does. It says hey come maul us, we won't do anything.

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Sorry for ranting fellas.

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Agreed. Being "capable" is more than intellectualism.@Deleted User

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@Tyler0317 That quote is why I love IE. It's been a great blend of intellectualism and manliness, and I really appreciate the focus on physical fitness and readiness without being larpy about it. I don’t want to sound like a wanna-be “tough-guy.” I’m not confrontational by nature. When I’ve been out on activism with the lads at the cvilles, DC, etc., I didn’t say anything to any one of the crazy counter-protestors. I didn’t yell things and get in people’s faces. Frankly, I was on edge and I think appropriately nervous, and I just wanted to get everyone out of there with as few bruises and arrest warrants as possible. But I knew I had a job to do (watch my brothers’ backs), and I try and keep my mind focused on what’s going on and what I’m gonna do if X happens. I do credit the Marines with that, as well as boxing and BJJ training – focusing and working through the problems caused by adrenaline in my mind if that makes any sense.

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@Deleted User Yeah, I counter-signal the anti military posting hardcore.

I credit the USMC for TONS of my personal development. Military service (particularly combat mos)provides fantastic intangibles in everyday life.

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So outside of personal growth, discipline, etc. it doesn't bother you that the globalist elites exploit our men's willingness to fight for their own gain? Not trying to start a shit show I just honestly want to know

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Where else are you going to do warrior stuff?

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That outweighs the damage done serving other interests?

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Don't get me wrong- as a man I completely understand where you're coming from

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Only you can decide that.

I would have enlisted regardless of the circumstances.

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Perhaps think this way, some Tyrone who joined the Army and worked in the cafeteria for 4 years has more weapons training, experience with mission planning, and practical warfare experience than you.
(I'm not directly insulting you)

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You military guys can't teach the rest of us?

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Hypothetically speaking

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Bootcamp is 3 months long. Infantry school is 3 months long. Other specific training can be from months to even 1.5 yrs long.

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And of course no offense is intended sir

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That's a given lol

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I'm not troubled at all, we shared a ride coming back from Cville. 😉

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Haha indeed

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In theory though, couldn't you impart wisdom unto your brothers where the rubber hits the road? (Given everyone showed the dedication required)

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Maybe put this way...

If you wanted to learn to fight, would you:

-Join a MMA gym with multiple UFC fighters and world class coaches
-Ask one of the members of the gym to give you private lessons in your backyard every now an then?

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Certainly you could be trained, and with dedication you could be formidable. But it would never be the same, ya know?