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2018-05-31 14:52:15 UTC  

@Hanne it's just a meme

2018-05-31 14:53:43 UTC  

Yes but this is serious discussion

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@ghost groyper take it in <#448910393876676618> then. 😆

2018-05-31 15:57:11 UTC  

Well I didn't post it

2018-05-31 15:57:47 UTC  

So why are you care and tagg me in this again?

2018-05-31 15:58:02 UTC  

I'm just saying it's a meme

2018-05-31 15:58:10 UTC  

Why are you so aggressive

2018-05-31 15:58:17 UTC  

Thats stupid.

2018-05-31 15:58:39 UTC  

You're needlessly antagonistic toward me

2018-05-31 15:58:43 UTC  

I am a angry nazi😎

2018-05-31 15:59:25 UTC  

Why shitpost memes in **deep-discussion**? :<:rockwell_think:449213130472423444>

2018-05-31 16:00:17 UTC  

And it is hot. So be kind now. 😜

2018-05-31 16:05:42 UTC  

I'm very kind

2018-05-31 16:06:50 UTC  

What's the topic? Sorry I am burger I don't speak Swedish

2018-06-04 16:46:19 UTC  

här är hans riktiga twitter konto

2018-06-04 16:46:24 UTC  

alla andra han stängts ner

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2018-07-06 03:07:37 UTC  

*Third Reich: Return of the Holy Roman Empire*

2018-07-10 04:03:29 UTC

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2018-07-27 13:09:10 UTC  

How hopeful is NRM about the Swedish elections? Any idea if you'll get any seats?

2018-07-27 13:10:50 UTC  

@Deleted User We are not naive so we don't expect "success" in relation to the mainstream parties, but it is a good tool to gain access to political arenas we are not otherwise able to spread our views in.

2018-07-27 13:12:03 UTC  

It also legitimizes us and is a good way to estimate popular support, but I personally doubt it is above 0,5 - 1% amongst the voting population. Then again, a lot of people I meet at school and workplaces claim they support us a lot when they find out I'm a member.