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2018-05-23 20:37:15 UTC  

Well banning Soros from the country that's a good start atleast.

2018-05-23 20:37:21 UTC  

Ja gleder meg til å høre på den 👌🏻

2018-05-23 20:37:58 UTC  

Blir bra når det blir mer av norske podcasts da

2018-05-23 20:38:14 UTC  

@Dr Kike Broccoliwitz Lenderman I think it was never taken into effect

2018-05-23 20:38:18 UTC  

only proposed

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2018-05-23 20:38:44 UTC  

Må få ukentlig dose av frontlinjen først, det blir godsaker det

2018-05-23 20:39:02 UTC  

Ja mann 😩 👌🏻

2018-05-23 20:40:25 UTC  

@Vaskebjørn I think it is actually. Heard about it several times. Look at this also the rats are leaving the nest.

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2018-05-23 20:43:29 UTC  

yeah, i looked into it and apparently they stepped it up. could be a (((trick))) just to get more voters though

2018-05-23 20:43:53 UTC  

wouldn't surprise me if they ditch it after the election

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2018-05-23 20:59:31 UTC  

@Vaskebjørn I can belive it myself in a way. Orban might not be one of us. But i can see they doing it. George Soros is a parasite. Unlike the self hating Sweden Hungary will not welcome parasites who threatens to destroy entire nations economys with open arms that much.

2018-05-23 21:02:22 UTC  

That's the point. they just have to indoctrinate the average Hungarian with enough poison while still making them think the system represents the will of the people

2018-05-23 21:05:45 UTC  

Vad är gab? 😮

2018-05-23 21:06:29 UTC  

who muted me

2018-05-23 21:07:38 UTC  

no idea

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2018-05-23 21:18:22 UTC  

I see where you are going. But think you are seeing things a bit too black and white. While Orban might not be NS he can still look after his people a bit. And have a heart for Hungary.

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2018-05-23 21:23:37 UTC  

probably, but still its better to think of the worst scenario than the best, so you wont be surpised if he's another zionist selling out his country

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2018-05-23 21:51:23 UTC  

The way I see it is that he's treading carefully, because trying to do too much at once would cause the kike rats to attack them more viciously

2018-05-23 21:54:27 UTC  

if you think Orban is what we need I have bad news for you

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2018-05-23 22:02:40 UTC  

I wanna talk with you, but cant now 😢

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2018-05-23 22:14:14 UTC  

I live in a propaganda bubble called the US so it's not exactly easy to find out what's going on in the rest of the world

2018-05-23 22:14:23 UTC  

I see Hungary becoming a Chinese economic prostitution centre, along with most of the other countries that can’t stand on their own two feet without having to whore themselves for tourism.

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2018-05-23 22:17:34 UTC  

What do you guys think of Azov Battalion?

2018-05-23 22:19:42 UTC  

they do what they have to do in order to survive and get support

2018-05-23 22:20:07 UTC  

they have combat experience so I guess they are cool

2018-05-23 22:20:39 UTC  

Is there any hope that they evolve into a National Socialist org down the road?

2018-05-23 22:21:11 UTC  

I can't tell what % of them are NatSoc

2018-05-23 22:21:43 UTC  

well,the organisation itself is fascist from what I know

2018-05-23 22:21:50 UTC  

Fuck yeah

2018-05-23 22:23:42 UTC  

Russia needs to back off so Azov can move on to higher goals