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2018-05-26 00:35:29 UTC  

Boyd Rice

2018-05-26 00:35:43 UTC  

Yeah I seen a picture like that but James Mason had that shirt on

2018-05-26 00:35:46 UTC  

jackal idk where you are hanging but all AWDfags ive met are total larpers and never adhear to real national socialism. they do drugs and are really degenerate scum

2018-05-26 00:36:03 UTC  

nothing like them can never join NRM. mark my words

2018-05-26 00:36:32 UTC  

@David Nilsson Well if you told me their pseodonyms I could prob get a better understanding

2018-05-26 00:36:36 UTC  

NRM are fucking heroic, they stick to true national socialism.

2018-05-26 00:36:43 UTC  

A decent sum of people claim to be AW but aren't

2018-05-26 00:38:21 UTC  

i used to like AWD, when I thought they were true national socialists.

2018-05-26 00:38:26 UTC  

why would they?

2018-05-26 00:39:07 UTC  

@David Nilsson Attention or credibility

2018-05-26 00:40:36 UTC  

What is Awd? Sorry trying to read and understand what you are talking about lol.

2018-05-26 00:40:45 UTC  

atomwaffen division

2018-05-26 00:40:55 UTC  


2018-05-26 00:41:23 UTC  

they do create some cool propaganda tho, i can give them that

2018-05-26 00:41:44 UTC  


2018-05-26 00:42:01 UTC  

they dont do vids anymore do they?

2018-05-26 00:42:18 UTC  

They released a new one just 2 days ago

2018-05-26 00:44:39 UTC  

why do they use that camo i nthe desert for

2018-05-26 00:46:05 UTC  

Cuz flektarn is chad af

2018-05-26 00:46:10 UTC  

doxing their own former members, what honorable groups of chaps

2018-05-26 00:46:44 UTC  

what were their crimes

2018-05-26 00:46:53 UTC  


2018-05-26 00:47:02 UTC  

oh well

2018-05-26 00:47:03 UTC  

I was gonna meet up with some Canadian AWD Wannabes. I'm glad I didnt.

2018-05-26 00:47:16 UTC  

maybe they were just normal

2018-05-26 00:47:46 UTC  

Pepsi, join something proper

2018-05-26 00:48:02 UTC  

Nothing proper like NRM in Canada.

2018-05-26 00:48:38 UTC  

is the entire fucking continent retarded

2018-05-26 00:48:40 UTC  

I was telling you about that skinhead that wanted to meet up. Thats like the only thing in my town.

2018-05-26 00:48:59 UTC  

what kind of people did Europe send as settlers

2018-05-26 00:49:17 UTC  

obviously the fucking bottom of the pile.

2018-05-26 00:49:44 UTC  

how difficult can it be to just take a look at some propaganda from nordfront and learn.

2018-05-26 00:49:53 UTC  

common sense

2018-05-26 00:49:58 UTC  

when are you gonna nut up and finally get involved in Sweden?

2018-05-26 00:50:05 UTC  

oh you got me there

2018-05-26 00:50:12 UTC  

you shithead

2018-05-26 00:50:17 UTC  


2018-05-26 00:50:48 UTC  

wotanwehr, join as a passive member or economical supporter

2018-05-26 00:50:55 UTC  

and stay lowkey

2018-05-26 00:50:59 UTC  

if you are scared