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2018-06-03 21:45:26 UTC  

@Kurja provides

2018-06-03 22:01:15 UTC  

I heard angerfist was good

2018-06-03 22:05:24 UTC  

I did put great record on the <#449940337306370051> section.

2018-06-03 22:06:15 UTC  

I only have a running playlist

2018-06-03 22:10:50 UTC  

you dont have any music for lifting weights?

2018-06-03 22:12:48 UTC  

I haven't went to gym for quite a while and I'm afraid my headphones would get fucked while lifting

2018-06-03 22:13:03 UTC  

I guess I'll have to get wireless ones

2018-06-03 22:13:54 UTC  

"Headphones" Im using the speaker<:spurdo:449290177446281217>

2018-06-03 23:32:51 UTC  

2018-06-04 09:47:18 UTC  

@Vaskebjørn I know aggressive bass heavy shit industrial for years if you can dig that.

2018-06-04 10:20:32 UTC  

@Mikko sure, send it to me

2018-06-04 10:32:23 UTC  

Kommer upp en arg invandrare från Syrien till mej för en stund sedan och säger till mej att jag inte får prata dåligt om hans land. Fyfan vad jag ville slå sönder honom men klart fan kommer styrelsen på skolan fram och tycker att både jag och invandraren ska lämna platsen, men det var __**INTE**__ jag som gick upp till honom och var aggressiv.

2018-06-04 10:43:08 UTC  

Putting together a small list, different styles of the genre from different bands, if something is to your liking I can link more similar stuff.

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2018-06-04 11:57:37 UTC

2018-06-04 11:57:58 UTC  

Redan 1933 märktes det haha

2018-06-04 12:02:32 UTC

2018-06-04 12:03:45 UTC  

Profetia för kommande året 1934: "Adolf hitler blir kommunist. Lika visst som att alla stater kommer att vräka all sin krigsattiralj i sjön"

2018-06-04 14:00:06 UTC  

@syb112 It looks like they are getting trolled pretty good.

2018-06-04 14:16:12 UTC  

yea its a saltmine, polls close tomorrow

2018-06-04 17:24:23 UTC  

I do wonder how much vote tampering there will be towards Little.

2018-06-04 17:34:30 UTC

2018-06-04 17:34:33 UTC  

He has the support!

2018-06-04 17:34:36 UTC  

Hopefully not a lot!

2018-06-04 18:52:14 UTC  

Patrick little says hes expecting mail-in ballot fraud

2018-06-04 18:52:21 UTC  

or something like that

2018-06-04 18:52:33 UTC  

and is encouraging voters to vote on the day

2018-06-04 19:03:22 UTC  

>not a nazi

2018-06-04 19:03:23 UTC  


2018-06-04 19:26:25 UTC  

Patrick Little is weird

2018-06-04 19:37:05 UTC

2018-06-04 19:37:06 UTC  

hes a patriot

2018-06-04 20:58:08 UTC  

He's against National socialism?

2018-06-04 20:59:56 UTC  

He is not against NS, but he believes that Murica has gone past the point to make NS work.

2018-06-04 21:01:00 UTC  

Okey.Ah. Not sure if i can take american NS serious anyway. When u see them wearing swastikas. And dressed up as clowns literally. It reminds me of what i read about the KKK back in the days. Fully infiltrated by the feds. William Pierce was NS tho right? Was National Alliance NS aswell?

2018-06-04 21:01:01 UTC

2018-06-04 21:11:07 UTC  

USA needs segregation, more than anything.

2018-06-04 21:11:23 UTC  

And realistically, that can only be accomplished through ceding land.

2018-06-04 21:11:28 UTC  

Splitting the US in two

2018-06-04 21:11:45 UTC  

At least, if we're looking at the next 20 years.