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2018-09-18 18:20:13 UTC  

The most resistance i saw was Mcveigh and Matthews

2018-09-18 18:20:18 UTC  

Estonia's fed gov is so small just wake enough of the population to the point where you can have a march on tallin like Mussolini on Rome

2018-09-18 18:20:33 UTC  

Why is it that burgers have the most freedom of speech, you could wave the swastika flag and scream for kikes to be gassed and there would be zero legal repercussions, but they're the least willing to utilize these freedoms.

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we have US troops in and russia behind our border

2018-09-18 18:20:44 UTC  

"But give a coward ten pistols and if attacked he will not be able to fire a single shot. And so for him they are more worthless than a knotted stick for a courageous man." - AH

2018-09-18 18:20:50 UTC  

no way you can mussiloni march to power here

2018-09-18 18:21:20 UTC  

If Estonia was to turn nazi, then russia would have all the reasons for invading

2018-09-18 18:21:24 UTC  

doing a McVeigh and Breivik are pretty good options tho

2018-09-18 18:21:26 UTC  

In America the consequences of being known to care about the existence of white people are more dire than anywhere, especially Estonia

2018-09-18 18:21:27 UTC  

"It will hurt the russian population"

2018-09-18 18:21:29 UTC  

Siege is useful no matter where you live, naturally there are small national differences.

2018-09-18 18:21:42 UTC  

Estonians have been at war with their government since like 1945

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Well the gov is so small why have you not won yet? When was the last battle?

2018-09-18 18:22:19 UTC  

Actually, the Forest Brothers started SIEGE when James Mason wasnt even born and GLR was a good goy.

2018-09-18 18:22:23 UTC  

@Deleted User what the fuck

2018-09-18 18:22:34 UTC  

I suppose youre a burger?

2018-09-18 18:22:45 UTC  

>Government is small I fucking wish

2018-09-18 18:22:47 UTC  

because people are fucking retarded and think political solution is going to work

2018-09-18 18:22:48 UTC  

Estonia was under soviets until 1991. Now Estonia has USA troops inside.

2018-09-18 18:23:05 UTC  

Yeah just overthrow the gov

2018-09-18 18:23:19 UTC  

Why is it that your government is so big but it takes 600 guys to organize a demo that is smaller than one that can be organized by a single organization in the Nordics?

2018-09-18 18:23:49 UTC  

I'm not gonna do anything until I finish military service and will be in shape to fight

2018-09-18 18:23:49 UTC  

Nationalist torch marches have like 20 times more people than ones in the States despite us having like 1/100th of the population

2018-09-18 18:23:51 UTC  

alone if I must

2018-09-18 18:24:03 UTC  

oh yeah our torch march has shitton of people

2018-09-18 18:24:51 UTC  

I think last 612 torch march had like 8000 people or so.

2018-09-18 18:24:54 UTC  

Americans have been fucked since GLR was killed and Pierce passed away

2018-09-18 18:24:57 UTC  

@Deleted User I'm sorry, but you have zero education about the American society if you think the soldiers will accept an order to put down an Estonian political movement. America was founded on revolution, listen to Ernst Zundel's "warning to the Jews"

2018-09-18 18:25:08 UTC  

Metzger did few things but he is a old lump today

2018-09-18 18:25:43 UTC  

I highly suggest listening to Ernst Zundel "warning to the Jews" which is an excerpt from an 1996 interview he did with an Israeli Jew

2018-09-18 18:25:57 UTC  

I'll find it and post it

2018-09-18 18:26:37 UTC  

America was founded on a liberal revolution

2018-09-18 18:26:40 UTC  

This meme I hear about "can't fight the gov because those US soldiers will open fire on 10k Estonians marching on tallin singing folk songs and carrying flags

2018-09-18 18:26:45 UTC  

@Mikko about 3500

2018-09-18 18:26:50 UTC  

With the goal of freedom from the EU

2018-09-18 18:26:55 UTC  

That was 2016.

2018-09-18 18:27:06 UTC  

estonian gov is trying to pass a legislation which would allow US and other NATO troops to supress riots