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2018-10-20 06:50:05 UTC  

@Kurja I would @ everyone for this

2018-10-20 10:09:33 UTC  
2018-10-20 12:13:13 UTC  

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2018-10-21 09:51:07 UTC  

A gathering of members and activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Helsinki to demonstrate against the ban in Finland!

2018-10-21 23:05:59 UTC  

@killie_cowboy Nice badge! Did you get it off the net?

2018-10-21 23:54:52 UTC  

@Kurja please DM me

2018-10-22 01:49:46 UTC  


2018-10-22 03:21:22 UTC  

2018-10-22 05:53:41 UTC  
2018-10-22 08:38:16 UTC  

@Deleted User answer me or I ban you 😄

2018-10-22 08:40:56 UTC  

Well you know my time zone differs from yours so I ask that you’re not so rude .

2018-10-22 08:41:13 UTC  

I wanted to ask you to @ everyone for an announcement

2018-10-22 08:48:04 UTC  

Yes I did saw your announcement earlier.

2018-10-22 09:14:11 UTC  

No this is something different

2018-10-22 09:24:37 UTC  

Well there is channels where you can post it.

2018-10-22 09:24:51 UTC  

I will check it out then.

2018-10-22 18:34:11 UTC  

@JoshTheWhite Yeah, never seen one myself, was made a couple decades ago probably and I was like ''yes, I'm bidding on this, I need this'' and I won.

2018-10-23 11:15:37 UTC  

@killie_cowboy Ha ha I don't blame you that's awesome. I've got some bits but nothing as rare as that.

2018-10-23 17:29:08 UTC  

2018-10-23 17:29:30 UTC  

Burger is back yet again

2018-10-23 17:29:36 UTC  

Banned by Discuck

2018-10-23 17:32:06 UTC  

Yeah, they're just banning anyone and everyone at this point

2018-10-23 17:32:17 UTC  


2018-10-23 17:33:08 UTC  

Happened a while back, I just forgot to join because I haven't listened to the past few episodes since it's in the middle of my school day.

2018-10-23 17:33:28 UTC  

My buddy's entire server got fucked, everyone in it was banned afaik.

2018-10-23 17:34:17 UTC  

That is probably what happened to me

2018-10-23 17:34:28 UTC  

I lost my servers and can't get back the couple I liked

2018-10-23 17:44:51 UTC  


2018-10-23 17:47:40 UTC  


2018-10-23 17:47:50 UTC  

Pretty sure the server got deleted as well

2018-10-23 17:48:07 UTC  

Which is disappointing but not a huge deal for me

2018-10-23 17:48:41 UTC  

It sucks for him though because he had lost one account and gotten banned on another recently beforehand

2018-10-23 17:49:06 UTC  

And he had to make the server again, and put a bit of work in.

2018-10-23 17:49:49 UTC  

Rn he's focusing on uni though

2018-10-23 17:57:22 UTC  

Who's idea was to play Tom Waits - Going out west last show or show before that?

2018-10-23 17:57:33 UTC  

It's pretty damn awesome song. Thanks!

2018-10-23 18:18:05 UTC  

2018-10-23 18:19:07 UTC