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2018-11-12 20:14:56 UTC  

I want out of this timeline

2018-11-12 20:26:31 UTC  

Lmao, that wodenstone guy is an actual retard. I just destroyed him on veganism and he got really fucking mad. Typical soy munchers, havent a fucking foggiest clue about farming or the countryside.

2018-11-12 21:01:25 UTC  

It’s ethnically homogeneous which is the only good thing I can say about it

2018-11-12 21:23:32 UTC  


2018-11-12 22:31:25 UTC  

Which is why it’s ethnically homogenous

2018-11-12 22:32:09 UTC  

However, their governing ideology is based in Marxism so there’s a little bit of Jewish influence

2018-11-13 16:13:25 UTC  

@Deleted User nice, you are back at using black people as currency again

2018-11-13 16:14:25 UTC  


2018-11-13 16:17:00 UTC  

@vilced its one of the only countries without rotschild owned central bank

2018-11-13 22:06:45 UTC  

Another great show!

2018-11-14 01:12:56 UTC  

Does anyone else experience frequent buffering on Spreaker?

2018-11-14 23:33:49 UTC  

The pagans stole pagan mythology

2018-11-15 09:25:24 UTC  


2018-11-15 19:55:07 UTC  

we stole egypt

2018-11-15 19:55:43 UTC

2018-11-15 20:05:27 UTC  

Catch our man Martin Saxlind on the People's Square:

2018-11-15 20:10:36 UTC  

yeah as soon as I saw that I kept the page waiting. I would LOVE for David Duke to come on the Nordic Frontier. He was on the most recent episode of this week on the alt right hosted by mark Collett and he gave his contact info several times

2018-11-16 06:36:11 UTC  

Besides it being a great conversation no doubt David Duke would bring a ton of new fans to the Nordic Frontier, I absolutely know it would. Tons of people follow him online.

2018-11-16 07:20:00 UTC  

2018-11-16 19:27:46 UTC  

Does anyone have "Stille nacht" NSDAP version?

2018-11-16 23:29:38 UTC  

@killie_cowboy thats not on mp3

2018-11-17 15:34:25 UTC  

Do you guys want to know why so many nationalists support Putin and Russia?

2018-11-17 15:34:58 UTC  

if you ignore them lacking insight and knowledge, lets say they are fully aware of the situation

2018-11-18 04:41:57 UTC  

Zwarte Piet comes soon

2018-11-18 04:42:12 UTC  

Were you good this year?

2018-11-18 04:52:12 UTC  

Or will you be blacked by the Dutch Christmas Nigger?

2018-11-18 17:39:02 UTC  

For all the Christians

2018-11-18 17:39:07 UTC  

This is likely Jesus

2018-11-18 17:51:18 UTC

2018-11-18 20:51:24 UTC  

@Deleted User when all the nationalists want to keep zwarte piet and you find yourself being the only one wondering why we consider niggers to be an essential part of our culture.

2018-11-18 20:51:58 UTC  

They're basically slaves to Sinterklaas

2018-11-18 20:52:08 UTC  

Not really

2018-11-18 20:52:10 UTC  

Plus it triggers people

2018-11-18 20:52:14 UTC  

So it's good

2018-11-18 20:52:45 UTC  

So all the jews have to do to get us on their side is make something trigger people?