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2018-11-30 23:55:00 UTC  

I'm not in favor of killing whites, but as described on the picture. Let the current generations and its lemmings die out to make way for the new generation of true aryans.

2018-12-01 00:01:51 UTC  

lemmings stoyry is just myth.

but you need those people to do basic jobs.
problem is system like show in your picture.
and by changing system you force those lemmings to adapt.

2018-12-01 00:03:47 UTC  

and most lemmings defend the system that is destroying us, so fuck them. in the end, if they want to survive, they'll need to come to us, not the other way around

2018-12-01 00:04:20 UTC  

and no it is not a myth that most people are loyal to whatever system that provides for them

2018-12-01 00:04:56 UTC  

i do not agree with killing them for just being lemmings, but nature will take care of most of the undesirables for us

2018-12-01 00:05:21 UTC  

no but the origins of lemming.
its old fake film.

2018-12-01 00:17:24 UTC  

The message is still true

2018-12-01 00:19:33 UTC  

i agree on that.
but killing our own people should never ever be any kind of goal.
let nature take care of things. and try our best to make them adapt.
and chaning system and stopping all that brainwash should be goal.

2018-12-01 00:24:33 UTC  

Systematic collapse should set people’s priorities straight

2018-12-01 00:24:53 UTC  

Decadence breeds complacency and apathy

2018-12-01 00:25:56 UTC  

If you ask your grandparents they may tell you that too

2018-12-01 00:26:35 UTC  

My Oma has stated that this current generation needs a war or some other major event to set the record straight

2018-12-01 08:20:23 UTC  

Thing is most Europe hasn't had war in some time

2018-12-01 08:20:43 UTC  

except Balkans,Ukraine and if you count the NATO interventions in ME

2018-12-01 11:51:11 UTC  

Middle east is not europe

2018-12-01 11:57:21 UTC  

So Skane is no longer Europe <:spurdo:449290177446281217>

2018-12-01 17:01:02 UTC  

I'm late to this discussion but I think killing whites is wrong. We need everyone to get sick of our society being over-run to the point where they help the race war start. We are few unfortunately and we need the masses to rise up and come to our way of thinking so we can take advantage of it.

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2018-12-01 17:05:05 UTC  

Yeah I agree with that, I'm thinking of them as more like cannon fodder. They serve a purpose is all I mean.

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Ramzpaul is a complete faggot but there you go

2018-12-03 22:28:17 UTC  

"The growing strength of populist and far right groups in Europe must concern us all. The worldwide wave of anti-Semitism in which innocent Jews are attacked solely for being Jewish while walking the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brussels, Paris and Rome has to worry us. The decapitation ceremonies by the Islamic State should cause us sleepless nights. It’s not enough to make general statements of a universal nature about unavoidable, banal evil. We need to act. "

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"We need to use these discussions to say to the world: DON'T EVER FORGET, LEST IT HAPPENS AGAIN."

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This is fucking bluepill shit.

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pardon my french

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True. Jews have done these things.

2018-12-03 23:00:11 UTC  

But they're nothing compared to their other sins.

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I know

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It's just the one I have saved

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ofc there's an endless number of other crimes