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2018-12-07 08:06:48 UTC  

NATO Army?

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2018-12-07 14:48:19 UTC  

A European army is still a good idea, we shouldn't be dependent on the united states of kikery

2018-12-07 14:50:51 UTC  

But a globalist European army?

2018-12-07 15:07:52 UTC  

It wouldn't be much worse than a globalist NATO army

2018-12-07 15:08:27 UTC  

Actually it probably would be since there would be more focus on Europe

2018-12-07 15:08:44 UTC  

Nato tends to just destabilise the middle east

2018-12-07 18:07:37 UTC  

EU army = ZOG army

2018-12-07 18:07:56 UTC  

Only when Europe is NS will that be a good idea

2018-12-07 18:15:15 UTC  

Separate but united

2018-12-07 18:34:09 UTC  

I feel like the best way Europe can be united as a military force is ofc individual nations working together in the closest and most trusting of bonds, but because of language barriers and general national and ethnic pride (even in a Europe united by true NS principles ofc your fellow countrymen and direct kin come first) each nation has its own “front”

2018-12-07 18:34:58 UTC  

And just focus all their resources on that front, but a central council of military representatives from each nation also makes sense, amalgamating the militaries does not

2018-12-07 18:35:04 UTC  

But that’s so pie in the sky right now

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2018-12-09 15:03:42 UTC  

Seen these antifa idiots protesting Tommy Robinson? Lock them all up for treason!

2018-12-09 15:04:40 UTC

2018-12-09 15:49:27 UTC  

hihihihihi, stupid goyim

2018-12-09 20:12:32 UTC  

Tommy Robinson isn't even his real name

2018-12-09 20:13:25 UTC  

"Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, and previously as Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris and Wayne King..."

2018-12-09 20:13:31 UTC  

Why so many names Tommy?

2018-12-10 07:48:58 UTC  

Are those pics real?! Wayne King? Didn't he realise what that sounds like?! Ha ha!!!

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2018-12-10 07:53:23 UTC  

People like Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones and the rest of them want to curb Arab Muslim immigration because it might mean a loss of power, financially and militarily, for Israel

2018-12-10 07:55:15 UTC  

I didn't know that. At least he's causing problems though I suppose whatever his motivation. At least he's getting people talking about issues.

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Any Sweds here?

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was that all?

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