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Above: left to right-- Rothschild's Jews Israel Epstein, Solomon Adler , Mao and Virginius Frank Coe

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Live from Paris with Nordfront TV and Yellow Vests

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You're a raging anti-Semite. My family had to survive 20 years in the gas chambers at Bergen-Belsen without food or water. Every day they were forced to masturbate for the entertainment of the camp commandant who would wouldn't let them stop until they were bleeding. Every day they were forced to ride the camp roller coaster through the ovens in order to keep their skin in a constantly sun burned state. They were blasted with fire hoses every day at 4am and were forced to drink the condensed water that came off of the water pipes in the camp latrine. Every day I have nightmares about the group electric chair and the chambers full of moving knives. We were forced at gun point to manually move the oven heated box cars full of our dead tribe members into the acid pools so as not leave evidence for the allies to incriminate the Nazis with. How can you possibly produce such racist, bigoted, xenophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, hydrophobic, anti-Semitic content without being personally disgusted with yourself. You're being reported to your countries federal authorities for denying the Shoah. If you repent now and promise to send monthly reparations to me and my tribe for the next 10 generations then we'll forgive you. There's 4th generation Holocaust survivors in my family who just got telepathically triggered by what I just witnessed in this server. Oy vey.

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There was another livestream from Paris today by NTV:

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09:30 Swedish time aka 10 hours from now

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sieg heil boys

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Tack så mycket.

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