Message from @Sgt. Nightmareborn78 GSF III%

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2021-01-31 01:25:53 UTC  

click voice channel to join

2021-01-31 01:27:08 UTC  

find it driller?

2021-01-31 01:30:38 UTC  

It keeps freezing up on me

2021-01-31 01:31:49 UTC  

the app itself, or the cameras?

2021-01-31 01:34:22 UTC  

Im not 100% sure. The voices are very choppy and then I get nothing. Have to exit and restart the app.

2021-01-31 01:34:45 UTC  

The text is working great

2021-01-31 01:34:55 UTC  

may be your internet connection

2021-01-31 01:35:09 UTC  


2021-01-31 01:35:14 UTC  

try now

2021-01-31 01:35:31 UTC  


2021-01-31 01:35:32 UTC  

swipe the screen to the left, it'll show you text channels and voice channels
click voice channel to join

2021-01-31 01:40:05 UTC  

for push to talk settings:

2021-01-31 01:40:54 UTC  

on phone: click the top 3 dots on your screen, go to voice settings, change from Voice Activity to Push To Talk

2021-01-31 01:42:57 UTC  

on computer: click the little settings cog on the bottom left near your name. Go under app settings and click on Voice and Video. Scroll down to Input Mode and click on Push To Talk. Below that is a Key Binding shortcut button. Edit the button to whatever key you want to press for push to talk

2021-01-31 01:52:42 UTC  

try clearing your cookies

2021-01-31 02:07:01 UTC  

hang up and rejoin

2021-01-31 02:08:20 UTC  

gonna go watch some TV with the wife. GUNS UP!

2021-01-31 02:16:28 UTC

2021-01-31 02:16:35 UTC  


2021-01-31 02:30:55 UTC  

Phones fixing to die guys. Going to go put it on the charger. Goodnight and Guns Up!

2021-01-31 02:31:13 UTC  


2021-01-31 04:50:14 UTC  

Guns up y'all have a good night

2021-01-31 11:38:54 UTC

2021-01-31 11:39:02 UTC

2021-01-31 11:39:19 UTC

2021-01-31 11:40:26 UTC  


2021-01-31 11:44:54 UTC  

Guns up!

2021-01-31 11:45:36 UTC  

Good morning family!!

2021-01-31 11:52:48 UTC  

Guns up good morning

2021-01-31 13:07:46 UTC  

Good morning, Guns up!

2021-01-31 13:08:08 UTC  


2021-01-31 13:08:42 UTC

2021-01-31 13:08:55 UTC  

Good morning, Guns up!

2021-01-31 13:14:02 UTC  

Made it finally! Man Discord gave me so much grief. Good morning!

2021-01-31 13:14:26 UTC  

Yippie Kai yeah

2021-01-31 13:15:04 UTC  

This app is better. Messages and voice, signal and zello in one

2021-01-31 13:18:35 UTC  

Awesome! Is there video in case I wanna see your ugly mugs? 😁 I've got some learning to do. I've never conquered so many apps in such a small amount of time. I feel like an app tester. 🤣🤣

2021-01-31 13:19:03 UTC  

Yep, video works in the voice channel

2021-01-31 13:19:40 UTC  

On phone, swipe right

2021-01-31 13:23:22 UTC  

I got the voice figured out. Trying to get video now.