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2021-01-17 03:50:41 UTC  

tl;dr wrong because full employment assumption, industry stripping, etc

2021-01-17 03:50:48 UTC  

@slavecaste What is the concept of "free trade" exactly?

2021-01-17 03:51:05 UTC  

The fact that we can trade globally without any tariffs and it'd be all good

2021-01-17 03:54:08 UTC  

So what is the problem with it?

2021-01-17 04:01:59 UTC  

Yes it does

2021-01-17 04:02:54 UTC  

In principle it works, specialisation and labour division increases efficiency

2021-01-17 04:03:36 UTC  

If there was no cost to transport or sell/buy goods (ie no tax, costs to enter market ect.) Then it would be fine

2021-01-17 04:04:06 UTC  

The reason it doesn't work is because of geopolitical concerns and unfactored costs

2021-01-17 04:09:30 UTC  

You can have that without free trade

2021-01-17 04:09:57 UTC  

There are way more reasons that it won't work that aren't even that

2021-01-17 04:10:52 UTC  

Because it doesn't work how theorized (wages fall, industries disappear, unemployment rises, etc)

2021-01-17 04:11:15 UTC  

Competitive advantage had nothing to do with free trade, I do not agree with the author combining the two. Unemployment may rise in the short term but will fall in the long term

2021-01-17 04:11:33 UTC  

And industries dissapering is not it "not working"

2021-01-17 04:11:44 UTC  

You would expect industries to dissaper

2021-01-17 04:11:47 UTC  

It only falls due to government stimulus, not free trade

2021-01-17 04:11:55 UTC  

That is not how it is theorized.

2021-01-17 04:12:29 UTC  

Yes it did? What? LOL

2021-01-17 04:12:37 UTC  

Inefficient industries wither away leaving only what is nessicary

2021-01-17 04:13:00 UTC  

Its an argument in favour of free trade but the concept is still sound without free trade

2021-01-17 04:13:30 UTC  

But the industries that do wither away are efficient, not inefficient.

2021-01-17 04:13:55 UTC  

No. Take coal in the UK for example

2021-01-17 04:13:58 UTC  


2021-01-17 04:14:15 UTC  

Shit you're right

2021-01-17 04:14:18 UTC  

The concept is retarded even without free trade and to use it as a defense for free trade is shitbrain.

2021-01-17 04:14:43 UTC  

I disagree with Thatcher's methods but the coal mines were inefficient and the workers were holding the government hostage

2021-01-17 04:14:49 UTC  

That's good

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2021-01-17 04:15:02 UTC  

Its good for coal mine workers

2021-01-17 04:15:09 UTC  

Its not good for the country as a whole

2021-01-17 04:15:12 UTC  


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2021-01-17 04:15:55 UTC  

Well the industry had become bloated and inefficient and could not survive without the government propping it up

2021-01-17 04:16:19 UTC  

We aren't talking about Britain first of all

2021-01-17 04:16:21 UTC  

We are talking about America

2021-01-17 04:16:35 UTC  

The concept of competitive advantage is a truism

2021-01-17 04:16:44 UTC  

Socialist countries practiced it

2021-01-17 04:16:52 UTC  

Fudal lords practiced it

2021-01-17 04:17:09 UTC  

I do not believe in free trade

2021-01-17 04:17:22 UTC  

Second of all once the government props up those industries again (either through nationalizing or bailing out) it doesn't become any more inefficient.

2021-01-17 04:17:46 UTC  

No it isn't