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2021-02-21 03:25:06 UTC

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2021-02-21 03:26:54 UTC  

what happened

2021-02-21 03:27:11 UTC  

I mean he still made himself look like an idiot as he always does but sad thing is ppl are still gonna take his word over yours

2021-02-21 03:28:03 UTC  

what were you arguing with him about?

2021-02-21 03:28:14 UTC  

Race, Roman empire, ingoups

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2021-02-21 03:28:42 UTC  

@MeteNojo how tf u loose to vaush lmfaooo

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2021-02-21 03:29:08 UTC  

Ladies stop

2021-02-21 03:29:16 UTC  

I’d probably get him to agree on things

2021-02-21 03:29:40 UTC  

u did fine @MeteNojo

2021-02-21 03:29:56 UTC  

would u guys win an among us game with vaush as imposter

2021-02-21 03:30:01 UTC  

You had good points I won’t lie but dang bro

2021-02-21 03:30:01 UTC  

No he didn’t stop lying to ur boy 😭😭

2021-02-21 03:30:24 UTC  

Bro no I’m Nordic asf

2021-02-21 03:30:31 UTC  

Pretty sure he’s a pedo as well as bloomer

2021-02-21 03:30:41 UTC  

Ofc they’re gonna free

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2021-02-21 03:31:13 UTC  

I hate pedos I’d try to have him agree on capitalism

2021-02-21 03:31:23 UTC  

And how it’s better

2021-02-21 03:31:27 UTC  

it’s okay man, debating isn’t only about who’s right, it’s also about who’s a more skilled debator. he just has a lot of experience and you don’t. you tried your best. ): @MeteNojo

2021-02-21 03:32:20 UTC  

“Oh I’m gonna debate race” proceeds to recite Roman Empire

2021-02-21 03:33:34 UTC  

I’m not a libtard dumbass

2021-02-21 03:34:07 UTC  

@MeteNojo anyway that was ur first real debate you’ll be better later

2021-02-21 03:34:08 UTC  

if it makes you feel any better, I’m proud of you for trying. (: @MeteNojo

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2021-02-21 03:37:43 UTC  

there’s always a bigger fish, remember that there’s people Vaush has refused to debate before like Nick Fuentes. he’s not invincible, the right person would be able to win in a debate against him.

2021-02-21 03:38:51 UTC  

It's not difficult to refute most of what vaush said here
I like how u responded to him when he equated race to eye color, but u shouldve stopped him from interrupting you
also don't bring up examples that deal with events you're not well read on

2021-02-21 03:39:45 UTC  

Vaush uses dirty tactics. he constantly interrupts his opponents and talks over them. your opponent can’t win if they can’t get a word in.

2021-02-21 03:39:47 UTC  

Metenigger debated vaush?

2021-02-21 03:39:57 UTC  

yeah just now

2021-02-21 03:40:02 UTC  

it lasted like 16 min

2021-02-21 03:40:09 UTC  

then he kicked him out of the call

2021-02-21 03:40:12 UTC  

Aight good shit negro

2021-02-21 03:40:14 UTC  

Who won

2021-02-21 03:40:26 UTC  

Is there video of this?