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2021-02-08 19:10:38 UTC  

Would you like that with fries or?

2021-02-08 19:12:01 UTC  

Among us?

2021-02-10 01:09:01 UTC  

When Woland's alarm clock is sus

2021-02-10 01:45:55 UTC  

Among uS

2021-02-18 03:16:52 UTC  

rip rush limbaugh

2021-02-18 03:16:57 UTC  

good guy

2021-02-18 03:16:59 UTC  

gonna miss him

2021-02-18 08:23:57 UTC  

Rush Limbaugh was ejected

2021-02-18 13:52:08 UTC  

Tommorow at 4 pm GMT I will be debating Perspective Philosophy

2021-02-18 13:52:22 UTC  


2021-02-19 17:01:57 UTC  
2021-02-19 20:06:35 UTC  

@everyone hey leave some nice comments and thanks for the debate :D

2021-02-19 20:07:03 UTC

2021-02-19 23:34:10 UTC  

@everyone He didn't like being among us I suppose but leave positive tweets!!!!

2021-02-21 04:41:29 UTC  

As some of you just fucking witnessed @MeteNojo """"debated"""" Vaush using terminology thats associated with this "circle" (me holo and twist) and got fucking annihilated cus hes a portugese racial retard. He literally could not produce a single sentence.
Theres a horde of people here who sit in VC for literal hours, literally dont say shit and then think cus u guys hang out here that you "get it". You people are the literal white noise of this server. You dont get to debate Vaush of all people with my badly copy and pasted rhetoric and then expect me to help you through it.

If you wanna just hang out here and fill up the VC to make it look nicer (which is what 50% of ppl in vc always are) thats fine but have the self awarness to know the role you fill up.

Metenejo then blamed us for losing the debate with vaush cus his 25% negroid brain wasnt even able to form a coherent sentence, i dont need to go into rhetorical logic why thats retarded

2021-02-21 04:43:18 UTC  

Eitherway, if you copy and paste shit of my videos, my twitter or anything and then not only fuck it up but also embarrass yourself and what the rhetoric is connected
a) dont expect us to bail you out
b) youll get removed from this circle

I get no dopamine from being a glorified podcast host in vc :D @everyone

2021-02-21 07:54:19 UTC  

Among us?

2021-02-23 15:07:48 UTC  

@here For anyone who wants to rewatch.