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2018-02-07 01:43:51 UTC  

Seems to. Have to take rubber seal off to check but it's wet in there

2018-02-07 01:44:11 UTC  

Also, “won’t turn over”, you mean “won’t fire”?

2018-02-07 01:44:19 UTC  


2018-02-07 01:44:49 UTC  

You could run the primer button 50 times with the spark plug removed and look to see if gasoline is in the cylinder.

2018-02-07 01:45:00 UTC  

no primer button on that model

2018-02-07 01:45:12 UTC  

Pull start?

2018-02-07 01:45:15 UTC  


2018-02-07 01:45:36 UTC  

but that's a good point

2018-02-07 01:45:44 UTC  

i havent looked into the cylinder while pulling

2018-02-07 01:46:21 UTC  

Gas sitting for a while makes me thing somewhere between tank and cylinder the flow is plugged.

2018-02-07 01:46:44 UTC  

Plus, no primer to force shit through

2018-02-07 01:46:49 UTC  

me too but I took the carb off the tank and cleaned the line (which is just a straw)

2018-02-07 01:47:05 UTC  

Need to verify fuel in cylinder

2018-02-07 01:47:15 UTC  

And the exit of the tank could be clogged

2018-02-07 01:47:23 UTC  

Could have an in-tank fuel filter

2018-02-07 01:47:25 UTC  

kk will report back on that. 9/10 small engine issues ive ever had are fuel flow problems

2018-02-07 01:47:29 UTC  

it does

2018-02-07 01:47:33 UTC  

I took it out

2018-02-07 01:47:43 UTC  

Could still be plugged

2018-02-07 01:48:00 UTC  

At the tank exit maybe

2018-02-07 01:48:38 UTC  

Lack of primer is stupid

2018-02-07 01:48:46 UTC  


2018-02-07 01:48:52 UTC  

Old shit had primers

2018-02-07 01:49:05 UTC  

There's pic of fuel straw (34 I think)

2018-02-07 01:49:40 UTC  

Lemme check cylinder for fuel and i'll report back tomorrw

2018-02-07 01:49:50 UTC  

When did it last run?
Is it a 2-stoke?

2018-02-07 01:51:02 UTC  


2018-02-07 01:51:51 UTC  

See, I knew it wasn’t old. Old stuff was 2 stroke and had a primer.

2018-02-07 01:51:59 UTC  

Did you change the oil and filter?

2018-02-07 01:52:05 UTC  


2018-02-07 01:53:14 UTC  

When you pull, is the resistance normal? Do you feel the compression pulses? Does the exhaust go “blop blop blop”?

2018-02-07 01:53:45 UTC  

Air filter, is it good?

2018-02-07 01:53:45 UTC  

Yes, no, no

2018-02-07 01:53:48 UTC  


2018-02-07 01:54:04 UTC  

Is the underside of the air filter good?

2018-02-07 01:54:17 UTC  

Like, the compartment when you remove the air filter?

2018-02-07 01:54:25 UTC  

clean, plus i tested w/o filter on

2018-02-07 01:54:53 UTC  

i feel like it's a fuel issue but i can't figure out why it would be

2018-02-07 01:55:12 UTC  

Something is plugged that you haven’t verified

2018-02-07 01:55:33 UTC  

When you remove the straw, does fuel spill out?

2018-02-07 01:56:33 UTC  

Well, you can't really remove the straw without taking the carb off so it's tricky to tell but when i did take the carb off, the straw was clear