Message from Deleted User in Nick Fuentes Server #anime

2018-03-26 02:00:01 UTC  

elf, I think this has been a ploy to talk to Alyssa

2018-03-26 02:00:11 UTC  

I don't even talk in any channels besides the anime I don't think I'm doing much distracting

2018-03-26 02:00:20 UTC  

nigger i have attacked all females, i just saved her for last @Deleted User

2018-03-26 02:00:23 UTC  

I challenge elf's king status

2018-03-26 02:00:29 UTC  

@Deleted User and u exposed ur self as traitor

2018-03-26 02:00:32 UTC  

a false patroler

2018-03-26 02:00:46 UTC  

@Alyssa Cordelia ur profile pic is distracting us

2018-03-26 02:00:46 UTC  

> orbiters fighting

2018-03-26 02:00:53 UTC  

It’s one thing for him to call out Alyssa and we all stand idle, supporting neither side. But this jumping to her aid white knight bullshit is why he’s doing this

2018-03-26 02:01:14 UTC  

Yeah that is true

2018-03-26 02:01:25 UTC  

siding with women is 100% betrayal

2018-03-26 02:01:27 UTC  

>Most thots leave
>Everyone thinks thots are gone
>Elf brings Alyssa into the spotlight

2018-03-26 02:01:29 UTC  

Its like a test, if I only defended myself it wouldn't be a big deal

2018-03-26 02:01:38 UTC  

@Deleted User i saved her for last

2018-03-26 02:01:50 UTC  

Lmao not all the thots are gone

2018-03-26 02:01:53 UTC  

why the fuck do you still have your face @Alyssa Cordelia

2018-03-26 02:01:59 UTC  

They think they slipped through the cracks

2018-03-26 02:02:04 UTC  

Cause I'm looking for a good one

2018-03-26 02:02:12 UTC  

Gimme a minute gee

2018-03-26 02:02:12 UTC  

elf has big gay, final word on the subject

2018-03-26 02:02:15 UTC  

yea i know another one is hiding like a dirty jew hiding from SS troops

2018-03-26 02:02:17 UTC  

I know them all. They evaded the role but they’re on a list

2018-03-26 02:02:19 UTC  

fuckking rats

2018-03-26 02:02:59 UTC  

i took the risk of getting kicked for all my real nicker homies

2018-03-26 02:03:13 UTC  

attacking @Alyssa Cordelia angers the orbiters here

2018-03-26 02:03:40 UTC  

are you calling me an orbiter?

2018-03-26 02:03:40 UTC  

Don’t see a problem here. She’ll get an anime avi. And everything will be good

2018-03-26 02:03:54 UTC  

He is

2018-03-26 02:04:04 UTC  

you tit, if you were in my room right now I'd smack you

2018-03-26 02:04:16 UTC  

shine your armor

2018-03-26 02:04:31 UTC  

@Alyssa Cordelia hurry up bitch

2018-03-26 02:04:36 UTC  

Fight for her honor!

2018-03-26 02:04:40 UTC  

maybe i will😡

2018-03-26 02:04:47 UTC  

Don't defend me please

2018-03-26 02:04:48 UTC  


2018-03-26 02:04:58 UTC  

@Deleted User maybe she send u "hello" in dms

2018-03-26 02:05:04 UTC  

keep fighting !

2018-03-26 02:05:17 UTC  

>dont call me an orbiter
>"huwite nite"

2018-03-26 02:05:31 UTC  

You’re being an orbiter

2018-03-26 02:05:36 UTC  


2018-03-26 02:05:38 UTC  

You caused this