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he nods his head at 1 minute

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Bill Cooper was later shot dead by police 5 days before 9/11

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Ive heard about Bill Cooper

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ok so at the begining of the part 1 doc they talk about how the county thus was all happening in had a much higher prosecution rate fro gun crimes

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all because big gay atf and big gay judge

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this should serve as a warning for any kind of gun control

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and makes trumps comments much more frightening

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This is very blackpillinng

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Very sad

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How did the fire happen?

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Bomb placed by FBI?

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A summary of the actions by the authorities in Waco:
70-100 agents unannounced.
They were only after Koresh and could have arrested him when he was outside the compound.
The agents began by shooting their 6 (?) dogs.
One agent shot himself in the foot while climbing a ladder - was this admitted by the agency?
One agent threw a grenade and shot into a room in which three other agents had entered - we have no evidence that they had come out first or that he knew they weren't alive in there. However, there is a cut in the video, so there could be an explanation for this one.
Machine gun fire from helicopter.
One guy living in the compound was trying to return after the siege had begun. He was shot by several agents and his body was left there (well outside the property) for 5 days!
They shone bright lights and played loud music during the night as psychological warfare. For example the "these boots are made for walking" song.
On the final day: They claim not a single shot was fired, yet 4 cartridges was found in one of the sniper positions. In addition, rifle fire is clearly seen from infrared footage.
According to some sources 10 Delta force soldiers participated in the siege even though that is illegal. Also, this would mean Bill Clinton ordered them to participate.
The helicopters were also from the army.
Fire is seen coming from the tanks - could be from the CS gas, but the authorities claimed it is inflammable.
Clear evidence of a shaped explosive charge set off on one of the roofs.
After the fire, bodies were left in cooled trailers, but the electricity was turned off - making it harder to gather evidence.
Parts of the remains from the fire were literally BLEACHED, again destroying the biological evidence.

What did I miss?

Waco - The Big Lie
Waco - A New Revelation

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well i think branch davidians were setting up gas all over the place as insurance, but regardless feds used grenade launchers to start the fire and they knew it was there because they had planted mics in the house

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@Dindubird that explosive on the roof was on the roof of the room the women and children were in

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also about that scene, where the guy looks like he is firing on his own guys is edited

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its possible thta the guys that went in were out flanked by branch david guys and what we see there is him firing in on them

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the lady even says the scene is edited weird

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so we dont know how much time is in between there

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when does that waco show come out?

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I think some episodes are out. Someone was talking about it being a more fair representation than you would expect from the entertainment industry

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where can i watch it?

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I found this site but there might be better sources:

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Apropos Waco, did you guys see the ATF tweet:

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no mention of any lives lost other than the four agents

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yeah, huge gay

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@Dindubird ok, watch the waco show

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just started the fist episode

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they also talk about ruby ridge

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they do ruby ridge in the first episode and so far so good

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in the ruby ridge part they even got that the sniper was asian

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oh yeah I forgot about the backstory of the sniper leader!

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If you made a detective type movie plot with this many suspicious points from one group, it would probably be considered over the top obvious that they were the malevolent actor

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yeah, most of the time fact is stranger than fiction

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Schumers nose is huge

2018-03-04 01:55:58 UTC