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2017-08-11 03:27:55 UTC  

I wanna catch a livestream if I can

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2017-08-11 03:46:02 UTC  
2017-08-11 03:46:59 UTC  

What happened? @JKEMI

2017-08-11 03:47:05 UTC  

Why have you sent me a friend invite

2017-08-11 03:51:12 UTC  

@Politigram Unification Don't plug your shitty server

2017-08-11 03:51:16 UTC  

I read that China vows to protect North Korea IF the US or South Korea strikes first.

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2017-08-11 03:52:19 UTC  

They're fed up with north koreas shit

2017-08-11 03:53:02 UTC  

@JKEMI I see.

2017-08-11 03:54:08 UTC  

I think they evenhave troops on the border to invade NK if theyfuck up

2017-08-11 03:55:31 UTC  

@JKEMI Sounds spicy. A three front war for NK

2017-08-11 03:55:57 UTC  

>NK nukes california

2017-08-11 03:56:21 UTC  

If they nuke LA hopefully HB is safe from the blast

2017-08-11 03:56:42 UTC  

But I don't want those inaccurate missiles to come and hit our town directly

2017-08-11 03:57:38 UTC  

@JKEMI If they strike Cali they could be seeking after San Francisco as their primary target. Not L.A.

2017-08-11 03:58:02 UTC  

If they want to fuck the USA up thu need to target Silicon Valley or the rice fields

2017-08-11 03:59:18 UTC  

@JKEMI I was about to say that too, but damaging San Francisco could be even bigger. It might cause a very huge earthquake with the explosion creating it.

2017-08-11 03:59:42 UTC  

LA is far more important

2017-08-11 03:59:45 UTC  


2017-08-11 04:00:01 UTC  

Biggest port in the US

2017-08-11 04:00:21 UTC  

and just more "people"

2017-08-11 04:04:15 UTC  

@Greg88 I see. However, but it can be still be reasonable if they target San Francisco. Just very recently San Francisco had an earthquake with the magnitude of 2.7. Now imagine something like a 9.7 + a bomb. It can create catastrophic damage unlike anyone has ever seen. Plus its only 40 minutes away from Silicon Valley, meaning it'll ripple and cause damage over there too.

2017-08-11 04:04:58 UTC  

I sure hope so

2017-08-11 04:05:06 UTC  

that whole area needs to burn

2017-08-11 04:05:51 UTC  

Kek. At least there will be less SJW's

2017-08-11 04:07:38 UTC  


2017-08-11 04:08:15 UTC  

The way you spelled "true" reminds me of something else entirely. @Greg88

2017-08-11 04:08:24 UTC  

whats that?

2017-08-11 04:09:01 UTC  

Some crazy ass cult.

2017-08-11 04:09:45 UTC  

Can I pm you it? @Greg88

2017-08-11 04:27:56 UTC  

sure man

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2017-08-11 04:38:36 UTC
nelly the elephant was quite the naughty boy at the circus

2017-08-11 04:39:52 UTC  

Man that elephant did not deserve that.

2017-08-11 04:54:24 UTC  

Thats some fucked up shit

2017-08-11 04:59:51 UTC  

@Grim - CA they could've used a tranquilizer

2017-08-11 05:00:02 UTC  

Can't sleep

2017-08-11 05:00:19 UTC  


2017-08-11 05:00:50 UTC  

Hoping we prepared enough

2017-08-11 05:00:58 UTC  

Still need a tiki