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2018-07-04 16:10:30 UTC  

Congrats Mr. Governor!πŸ˜€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

2018-07-04 16:31:13 UTC  

Congrats πŸ˜„

2018-07-04 16:36:05 UTC  

Good luck

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2018-07-04 16:36:22 UTC  

happy america day everyone

2018-07-06 04:06:09 UTC  

Since I am acting gov and Razze and lech will be vacating their offices tomorrow will I have the power to appoint successors?

2018-07-06 04:06:25 UTC  


2018-07-06 04:07:44 UTC  


2018-07-06 04:09:00 UTC  

To make things not so controversial (and since there are only a few weeks left in this session anyway) I was thinking of appointing a Fed in place of lech (and have settled on youngtexan) and a pax person (or other left-winger if a pax one is not available) in place of razze

2018-07-06 04:10:31 UTC  

Maybe you can ask Ulmer Fudd if he's interested in running for CoD

2018-07-06 04:13:06 UTC  

ok he would make a great candidate

2018-07-06 04:13:32 UTC  

i think for the appointment youngtexan would do well but definitely ulmerfudd would be a great addition following the election

2018-07-06 12:16:58 UTC  

IMPORTANT: I have settled on asking pragpop to be the replacement for Razze. Is this ok with everyone?

2018-07-06 12:25:50 UTC  

I have not asked him yet but plan to if most people seem to be fine with it

2018-07-06 12:26:57 UTC  

that's fine

2018-07-06 12:40:48 UTC  


2018-07-20 17:49:29 UTC  

This thread for GOTV regional elections?

2018-07-20 17:49:56 UTC  

Who has a relationship with Santander and could get him to vote? He never responded to my PM about SC vacancy so not sure I’m the best

2018-07-20 17:50:19 UTC  

Possibly me. I’ll give it a go

2018-07-20 22:24:44 UTC  

I messaged Santander. And do Federalista always vote last in regional elections? πŸ˜‚

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2018-07-20 22:25:03 UTC  

Is it a strategic mechanism

2018-07-20 22:25:35 UTC  

@Spark how mny prefs do you have? i need to know whether to give my people to you or bagel.

2018-07-20 22:27:33 UTC  

we're pretty notorious for voting late 😜

2018-07-20 22:34:03 UTC  

@Deleted User I have 6 preferences

2018-07-20 22:34:20 UTC  
2018-07-20 22:34:28 UTC  


2018-07-20 22:34:41 UTC  

i think m people are better used for bagel then

2018-07-20 22:34:52 UTC  

Bagel has 6 as well but mine are higher πŸ˜›

2018-07-20 22:35:05 UTC  

wait 6 preferences?

2018-07-20 22:35:10 UTC  

Yeah overall

2018-07-20 22:35:11 UTC  

no i mean first preferences

2018-07-20 22:35:12 UTC  

how many first prefs

2018-07-20 22:35:22 UTC  

He just voted for himself πŸ˜›

2018-07-20 22:35:26 UTC  

overall prefs dont matter lol

2018-07-20 22:35:48 UTC  

how many first prefs do you have?

2018-07-20 22:35:51 UTC  


2018-07-20 22:35:59 UTC  

did you vote?

2018-07-20 22:36:11 UTC  

Not yet. First prefs don’t matter to me

2018-07-20 22:36:28 UTC  


2018-07-20 22:36:29 UTC  

As long as I am in the first 4 I am good