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2018-10-30 06:06:53 UTC  

it's great that you're fighting for something you believe in, but you intentionally withheld this position from party members while campaigning, and waited until being elected to not only making it known, but your biggest priority (which once again goes against what you campaigned on)

2018-10-30 06:06:55 UTC  

I mean we will not force you to do anything you dont want to do

2018-10-30 06:07:30 UTC  

we aren't going to force you to change your views, but you have to understand why our concerns are valid

2018-10-30 06:07:51 UTC  

You can do what you want but don’t expect the party to support you if your campaigning on something very unpopular with the party

2018-10-30 06:08:40 UTC  

ASV the reason gun control isn't a big concern in Atlas is because in fantasy government land there are no mass shootings because it's not real life

2018-10-30 06:09:34 UTC  

Well, Atlasia is different from RL politics

2018-10-30 06:09:41 UTC  

like I don't make it a priority at all

2018-10-30 06:09:44 UTC  

Considering how we all are policy nerds

2018-10-30 06:10:04 UTC  

Anyway, once the Gun Control bills are done I'll get back to my priority list.

2018-10-30 06:10:14 UTC  

I have 11 infrastructure bills ready on standby.

2018-10-30 06:10:37 UTC  

And I'm still tinkering on what to do to the budget,

2018-10-30 06:10:46 UTC  

And what other taxes should be cut.

2018-10-30 06:11:11 UTC  

How are the income taxes like in Fremont

2018-10-30 06:11:30 UTC  

Or business taxes

2018-10-30 06:11:53 UTC  

Income Tax (by tax bracket)

$0K - $75K (-2%)
$75 - $125K (0%)
$125 - $200K (2%)
$200K - $1M (5%)
$1M - $10M (10%)
$10M - $100M (15%)
$100M+ (20%)

2018-10-30 06:12:55 UTC  

So Fremont has a UBI, interesting

2018-10-30 06:14:38 UTC  

where do you see that

2018-10-30 06:14:43 UTC  

Hopefully I can put a good dent in the $377 Billion Dollar surplus (It was $517 Billion last year).

2018-10-30 06:15:03 UTC  

The negative rate

2018-10-30 06:15:09 UTC  

For less than 75k

2018-10-30 06:15:41 UTC  

We're still waiting for Truman to cost the budget.

2018-10-30 06:16:01 UTC  

After he does the I'll introduce my amendments.

2018-10-30 06:16:03 UTC  

oh that's what that is

2018-10-30 06:21:16 UTC  

Anyway, @Tea Party Hater @Deleted User @Deleted User @Deleted User What do you think is most important of my infrastructure bills?

Rail upgrades
Passenger Rail
Highway Upgrades
Highway Maintenance
Air services
Airport upgrades
New Dams
Irrigation schemes
Mass Transit (Metro, Subways)
Light Rail

2018-10-30 06:21:29 UTC  

i.e., in what order should I introduce them?

2018-10-30 06:21:57 UTC  

Not pinged but highway maintenance

2018-10-30 06:22:01 UTC  

Por rail upgrades

2018-10-30 06:22:07 UTC  


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2018-10-30 06:22:38 UTC  


2018-10-30 06:22:45 UTC  

What is more used, rail or highway?

2018-10-30 06:25:54 UTC  

Anyone else?

2018-10-30 06:31:48 UTC  

~~Answer me or I'll nationalise the banks and make union membership compulsory~~

2018-10-30 06:33:18 UTC  


2018-10-30 06:33:33 UTC  

I guess highways

2018-10-30 06:33:48 UTC  

And road maintenance

2018-10-30 06:34:01 UTC  

I like the sound of Dams though.

2018-10-30 06:34:06 UTC  

I like Dams generally.

2018-10-30 06:36:37 UTC  

I mean it's your bill

2018-10-30 06:36:47 UTC  

But roads are more used in the US