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2018-11-14 16:50:57 UTC  

Because I am very demanding of Parliament, given the size of my backlog.

2018-11-14 16:51:09 UTC  

Even though I am not the speaker.

2018-11-14 16:51:21 UTC  

@Deleted User Are you responsible for Fremont recruiting?

2018-11-14 16:51:29 UTC  

YT said he isn't.

2018-11-14 16:52:07 UTC  

I'll try and bring in some people

2018-11-14 16:52:27 UTC  

We need one proper right-winger to run in february.

2018-11-14 16:52:46 UTC  

At minimum, so that @Deleted User doesn't have to serve as de facto opposition.

2018-11-14 16:53:12 UTC  

@Deleted User Let me be clear, new people isn't priority one.

2018-11-14 16:53:46 UTC  

(I'm currently starting to build up a rappor with moderate lefties in order to get some defections)

2018-11-14 16:54:15 UTC  

What we need is one proper conservative (maybe libertarian) to run for Parliament in January.

2018-11-14 16:55:09 UTC  

So that we have a representative for the base.

2018-11-14 16:55:23 UTC  

Rather than at current, two moderate FINOs.

2018-11-14 17:02:06 UTC  

**~~Tea Party Hater~~**

2018-11-14 17:02:20 UTC  

This was the list from the last time we went through this.

2018-11-14 17:02:33 UTC  

These are the current Fremont Feds

2018-11-14 17:02:34 UTC  

**~~Tea Party Hater~~**

2018-11-14 17:04:16 UTC  

Here is the list now.

2018-11-14 17:04:26 UTC  

Our options seem to be,

2018-11-14 17:04:47 UTC  

katman46, Republitarian, RFayette, SecureAmerica, Thunder98

2018-11-14 17:05:05 UTC  

Anyone crossed out who is possible?

2018-11-14 17:05:15 UTC  

Or on the shortlist who can be ruled out?

2018-11-14 17:05:33 UTC  

Reminder, this is for deciding on a conservative to run in January in Fremont.

2018-11-14 17:14:14 UTC  

@Deleted User @YoungTexan
I think we have a decent chance of getting a majority. I'm just starting building a rapport with independents and some lefties. If I can get enough defections then we can spare most of the votes I got last time for both Joey and the new Conservative. Additionally, if we get another good FM candidate we might just be able to defeat YE.
In short, if everything goes right we may very well flip Fremont orange in February. I'm already laying the groundwork.

2018-11-14 21:46:28 UTC  

I was going to do house

2018-11-14 21:46:57 UTC  

Ah, okay then.

2018-11-14 21:46:59 UTC  

I thought so.

2018-11-14 21:47:04 UTC  

Just checking.

2018-11-17 08:45:25 UTC  

Oh, one more point regarding Jan.

2018-11-17 08:45:50 UTC  

We need to make sure the Conservative we run joins the Conservative Party Fremont

2018-11-17 08:46:15 UTC  

In contrast to the Centre Party, of which Joey, Myself, Goldwater, TPH, etc are members

2018-11-17 08:46:34 UTC  

Sure it's just virtue signalling, but there's good value in that.

2018-11-17 08:46:50 UTC  

Making it clear that they are different to the moderates of myself and Joey.

2018-11-20 03:04:43 UTC  

Should I leave CPF?

2018-11-20 03:04:53 UTC  

I mean, there are only 2 people in it right now

2018-11-20 03:04:58 UTC  

Me, and TPH

2018-11-20 03:13:57 UTC  

@KoopaDaQuick No. Stay in CPF.

2018-11-20 03:14:17 UTC  

Your current position entails you to run from the right.

2018-11-20 03:14:49 UTC  

Also, whoever we run as a conservative in January needs to be in CPF too.

2018-11-20 03:14:58 UTC  

Virtue signalling matters.

2018-11-20 03:16:11 UTC  


2018-11-20 03:16:20 UTC  

cpf is where i'll stay