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2018-11-30 09:20:02 UTC  

that thread is some funny stuff

2018-11-30 19:18:50 UTC  

Remember to vote!! I have PMed all left wing voters in the region, predominantly the less active ones. Hoping they vote early to thwart any last second attempt to write someone in.

2018-12-06 20:15:02 UTC  


2018-12-08 00:49:17 UTC  

Not concerned, why would anyone want to move there?

2018-12-08 14:26:59 UTC  

if fremont becomes a shithole where i couldn't be looked at by anyone than maybe arkansas

2018-12-08 14:27:48 UTC  

but that's only an emergency scenario

2018-12-08 16:54:05 UTC  

@KoopaDaQuick stay in Fremont you doofus

2018-12-08 17:02:24 UTC  

i will

2018-12-08 17:02:28 UTC  

that's a final resort

2018-12-08 17:02:40 UTC  

i don't have any plans to move anytime soon

2018-12-08 17:10:35 UTC  

Well, the thing about Atlasia, is that if you want power

2018-12-08 17:10:49 UTC  

You need to choose the right elections to run in

2018-12-08 17:51:12 UTC  

you gotta know when to hold em

2018-12-08 17:51:17 UTC  

know when to fold em

2018-12-08 17:51:23 UTC  

know when to walk away

2018-12-08 17:51:44 UTC  

and know when to run (for office)

2018-12-14 05:35:43 UTC  

<@&460834672755212298> go vote for Yankee!

2018-12-14 07:30:11 UTC

2018-12-14 07:30:28 UTC  

Going to cherish this forever

2018-12-14 07:49:20 UTC  

Also Wulfric voted for a candidate who wanted to nationalize banks

2018-12-14 07:49:36 UTC  

how far we have come from the days of socialist and socialist by association

2018-12-16 16:06:25 UTC  

Hey guys, sorry about that semester just finished up. How are we all looking for the House?

2018-12-16 16:06:51 UTC  


2018-12-16 16:11:48 UTC  


2018-12-16 16:12:04 UTC  

I suggest you go vote now

2018-12-16 16:12:19 UTC  

I will vote today

2018-12-16 18:32:26 UTC  

Is there any way we can get the votes for a few seats. Labor has the majority

2018-12-16 18:32:47 UTC  

As a moderate, I could work with them but also retain party loyalty. But it appears I’ve lost

2018-12-16 18:33:16 UTC  

We are in danger of only getting 3 seats

2018-12-16 18:33:29 UTC  

So yeah, you lost

2018-12-16 18:35:31 UTC  

Oh wow

2018-12-16 18:35:40 UTC  

Will you win a seat LT

2018-12-16 18:35:46 UTC  

I hope i do

2018-12-16 18:36:48 UTC  

I believe I 2nd preferenced you

2018-12-16 18:37:00 UTC  

I just got 2 votes lol

2018-12-16 18:38:25 UTC  

I knew Smilo would go to you

2018-12-16 18:41:13 UTC  

Yeah I thanked him

2018-12-16 18:41:27 UTC  

How many votes are needed

2018-12-16 18:41:43 UTC  

a bunch