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lmfao Pericuck being triggered

2018-03-02 02:58:42 UTC  

lol ikr

2018-03-02 02:58:49 UTC  

should we keep it going

2018-03-02 02:59:40 UTC  

hear that?

2018-03-02 02:59:45 UTC  

shoe analogies = fascist feds

2018-03-02 03:01:04 UTC  

yeah this pretty much was a subtle dig at him and several others in the party but he took it waaaaaaaay too personally

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give em hell saint!

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throw some shoes at the pericuck cult

2018-03-02 03:10:19 UTC  

lol yes

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πŸ‘  πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘’ πŸ‘ž πŸ‘Ÿ

2018-03-19 11:42:50 UTC  

Can southern governors propose legislation

2018-03-19 15:27:08 UTC  

yes but iirc it has to be sponsored by a delegate

2018-03-19 17:54:29 UTC  

Ah ok

2018-03-20 00:02:53 UTC  

In the case of the budget

2018-03-20 00:03:01 UTC  

the Southern Constitution requires

2018-03-20 00:03:08 UTC  

the Governor to introduce a budget

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2018-03-22 22:24:06 UTC  

We need to talk about this treason trial

2018-03-22 22:26:12 UTC  

So @fhtagn what position will you take as Oakvale is your AG

2018-03-22 22:26:36 UTC  
2018-03-24 03:43:33 UTC  

so are we gonna run anyone for the special election?

2018-03-24 03:48:48 UTC  

Maybe we can run Mr. R and send him to the Senate early or maybe Fairbol in order to prevent the primary in the governor's race

2018-03-24 04:24:18 UTC  

Mr. R isn't running in the special

2018-03-24 04:26:34 UTC  

Ok, so another option could be ZuWo

2018-03-24 04:27:15 UTC  

Or which other active Southern feds do you know that don't have a job rn

2018-03-24 04:27:34 UTC  

doubtful for ZuWo since I know he had some stuff going on a while ago and he hasn't been on in a while

2018-03-24 04:28:05 UTC  

But we must find somebody to run

2018-03-24 04:29:30 UTC  

if potus was active he could be an option but I don't think he will

2018-03-24 04:29:42 UTC  

Maybe we can get Saint orLechassuer or somebody from the CoD

2018-03-24 12:26:26 UTC  

I don’t think I’m ready personally but thank you for suggesting me πŸ˜ƒ

2018-03-24 20:18:19 UTC  

When is the special?

2018-03-24 20:44:27 UTC  

Also, when is the next chamber election?

2018-03-24 20:45:29 UTC  

The next chamber election is in April

2018-03-24 20:46:21 UTC  

And I think the special is next weekend, but I'll double check to see if the South's Constitution is different about it than Lincoln

2018-03-24 21:29:17 UTC  

Just out of curiousity, when is the deadline to announce?

2018-03-24 21:32:56 UTC  

no later than 72 hours prior

2018-03-24 21:33:32 UTC  

but the later someone announces, the harder it is to organize for it