Message from Haslam2020 in #FedsShallRiseAgain! #the-ranch

2018-04-09 01:20:41 UTC  

I’d offer it to him and then decline to run for a second term

2018-04-09 01:20:42 UTC  


2018-04-09 01:20:54 UTC  

Does that mean you run for senate against weatherboy?

2018-04-09 01:21:24 UTC  

Well. It means I’d serve a term as Governor, run for senate and we endorse eachother for the spots.

2018-04-09 01:21:43 UTC  

Is that a good offer? But I dunno. I’d have to support him for speaker or something. But yeah I guess

2018-04-09 01:21:53 UTC  

Speaking of the senate, when does my term end

2018-04-09 01:22:11 UTC  

Last week of April maybe?

2018-04-09 01:22:17 UTC  

Damn not bad

2018-04-09 01:22:20 UTC  

Our dates are weird

2018-04-09 01:22:25 UTC  


2018-04-09 01:22:40 UTC  

I just don’t know who’ll win.

2018-04-09 01:22:43 UTC  

Just run for Senate

2018-04-09 01:23:01 UTC  

Our platform can rebuild your image

2018-04-09 01:23:02 UTC  

Well. At this point I don’t think we have a gubernatorial nominee

2018-04-09 01:23:12 UTC  

Alright and maybe when I introduce that jobs bill too.

2018-04-09 01:23:15 UTC  

neither do the PUs

2018-04-09 01:23:31 UTC  

Well South Governor is fed either way

2018-04-09 01:23:36 UTC  


2018-04-09 01:23:41 UTC  

If I just say the primary tied and ran for senate I could rebound from that

2018-04-09 01:23:45 UTC  

plus we will control the chamber

2018-04-09 01:23:55 UTC  

Do we have a candidate for senate

2018-04-09 01:23:58 UTC  


2018-04-09 01:24:01 UTC  

Because I don’t wanna get primaries again lol

2018-04-09 01:24:03 UTC  


2018-04-09 01:24:11 UTC  

It may be too late for a primary

2018-04-09 01:24:18 UTC  

I think Yankee said

2018-04-09 01:24:29 UTC  

if we have no candidate by the end of the endorsement period

2018-04-09 01:24:39 UTC  

the first fed to announce after

2018-04-09 01:24:47 UTC  

automatically gets endorsed

2018-04-09 01:25:13 UTC  

And if we leverage our fed strength

2018-04-09 01:25:23 UTC  

to push through a good conservative agenda

2018-04-09 01:25:35 UTC  

I dont foresee future primary against you

2018-04-09 01:25:52 UTC  

This time was mostly because of several recent votes

2018-04-09 01:26:09 UTC  

If your next term is better

2018-04-09 01:26:19 UTC  

No one will remember the past slipups

2018-04-09 01:26:39 UTC  

I certainly wont hold a grudge that long

2018-04-09 01:26:47 UTC  

especially if we continue to work as a team in the senate

2018-04-09 01:27:15 UTC  

Plus now I am around to shout down lefty bs

2018-04-09 01:27:27 UTC  

because I dont care about winning over moderates

2018-04-09 01:27:46 UTC  

Haslam, I'll vote for either you or Fairbol depending on if you run for the other office

2018-04-09 01:28:06 UTC  

because I want the feds to have candidates for both offices