Message from Clark in #FedsShallRiseAgain! #a-more-welcoming-atlasia

2018-11-25 00:13:59 UTC  

Died out because of discord

2018-11-25 00:14:15 UTC  

That's unfortunate. I'm not a big fan of change

2018-11-25 00:14:37 UTC  

So, are you interested in registering

2018-11-25 00:14:58 UTC  

Or even as a zombie!

2018-11-25 00:15:08 UTC  

Not particularly. I'm really only on for tonight because I'm bored while doing homework (had some free time cause it's Thanksgiving break). I

2018-11-25 00:15:13 UTC  

*I'm usually too busy

2018-11-25 00:15:34 UTC  

And I don't feel like it would be fair to join if I can't commit

2018-11-25 00:26:05 UTC  

So what do you guys generally talk about in here?

2018-11-25 00:26:51 UTC  

Party strategy stuff

2018-11-25 00:27:07 UTC  

For Atlasia

2018-11-25 00:27:07 UTC  


2018-11-25 00:27:19 UTC  

Well, in that case how do you guys know that I'm not secretly a communist spy?

2018-11-25 00:27:27 UTC  


2018-11-25 00:27:50 UTC  

Register to vote

2018-11-25 00:27:57 UTC  

With your account

2018-11-25 00:29:25 UTC  

Like I said, don't really have a lot of time atm.

2018-11-25 00:58:38 UTC  

@Clark you could be a zombie fed and register in the south 🤷‍♂️

2018-11-25 00:59:06 UTC  

Or come to Fremont

2018-11-25 00:59:16 UTC  

Or south is fine

2018-11-25 00:59:36 UTC  

Zombie fed?

2018-11-25 00:59:54 UTC  

Someone who just votes.

2018-11-25 01:02:28 UTC  

I don't know, that feels a bit dishonest

2018-11-25 01:03:18 UTC  

I mean that's how the game always worked

2018-11-25 01:04:05 UTC  

There's people who run for stuff and serve in offices, and left and the right have people who vote for them

2018-11-25 01:04:07 UTC  


2018-11-25 01:04:33 UTC  

Nah it’s not really dishonest

2018-11-25 01:05:24 UTC  

You don’t post much so register in the south, there’s no requirements @Clark

2018-11-25 02:17:34 UTC  

Been a long time Clark, how you been doing?

2018-11-25 02:17:51 UTC  

Pretty good. Been real busy with classes and stuff. How about you, Yankee?

2018-11-25 02:18:24 UTC  

Okay I guess, work has been tough b/c of the holidays

2018-11-25 02:18:38 UTC  

You still at Wal-Mart?

2018-11-25 02:18:45 UTC  


2018-11-25 02:18:59 UTC  

This is also the first holiday season since my mom passed away

2018-11-25 02:19:12 UTC  

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that

2018-11-25 02:19:44 UTC  

She got the flu last Christmas, it turned into pneumonia and then she suffered a stroke while in the hospital

2018-11-25 02:20:53 UTC  

Still trying to get my drivers license, had to deal with the hurricane, which was a setback and I have been having to deal with some health problems myself

2018-11-25 02:26:43 UTC  

Gee, that stinks, Yankee. I'm real sorry

2018-11-25 20:39:40 UTC  

Clark I hope you are doing well!!

2018-11-25 22:20:21 UTC  

WB @Clark hope your doing well

2018-11-27 15:31:53 UTC