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2018-05-07 14:00:40 UTC  


2018-05-07 14:00:45 UTC  

Its not scary when you realize you can kill them

2018-05-07 14:00:52 UTC  

I almost forgot where I was and I was gonna be like "Lol that's just negro dental surgery"

2018-05-07 14:01:03 UTC  

I pirated it right when it came out and it spooked me

2018-05-07 14:01:10 UTC  

The cannibals were not balanced at all

2018-05-07 14:01:11 UTC  

If you think The Forest is scary you're a pussy

2018-05-07 14:01:17 UTC  

They could basically one shot you

2018-05-07 14:01:28 UTC  

Ive been with the forest through 4 years of development

2018-05-07 14:01:48 UTC  

And the first thing you had to do pretty much was build the cabin or else you were fucked

2018-05-07 14:01:55 UTC  

Dude get farcry5, you can make cool detailed maps where you execute minorities

2018-05-07 14:01:57 UTC  

actually got on the dev teams good side by reporting bugs when I could and the send me early beta versions a day before

2018-05-07 14:02:03 UTC  

its coming out soon though

2018-05-07 14:02:06 UTC  

the full version

2018-05-07 14:02:25 UTC  

Get me a code

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2018-05-07 14:02:37 UTC  

I dont buy games thats gay

2018-05-07 14:02:40 UTC  

No dude its like 10$

2018-05-07 14:02:55 UTC  

Hiding fuck off

2018-05-07 14:03:00 UTC  

10 dollars that could be spent on 2 crunchwrap supremes

2018-05-07 14:03:01 UTC  

Buy games from good devs

2018-05-07 14:03:11 UTC  

Dude it's like $50

2018-05-07 14:03:22 UTC

2018-05-07 14:03:41 UTC  

I havent bought a game in so long steam doesnt let me trade things anymore because they think my account is inactive

2018-05-07 14:03:59 UTC  

Destiny's Discord is so gay

2018-05-07 14:04:03 UTC  

it goes on sale all the time for 7$

2018-05-07 14:04:35 UTC  

Ill just leech it off my brothers steam with family share

2018-05-07 14:04:40 UTC  


2018-05-07 14:05:15 UTC  

Actually gay tbh

2018-05-07 14:05:30 UTC  

Ur mad because i dont support ur fsvorite devs

2018-05-07 14:05:36 UTC  

Ill poo on them loll

2018-05-07 14:05:52 UTC  

Pee on their forums

2018-05-07 14:05:56 UTC  

I used to think like you, but if you cant afford the games you play, you cant afford to play them.

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2018-05-07 14:06:29 UTC  

Nig i just like keeping my money

2018-05-07 14:06:38 UTC  

I can buy the game easy

2018-05-07 14:06:42 UTC  

But i wont

2018-05-07 14:06:43 UTC  


2018-05-07 14:06:54 UTC  

Two people in my house already own it

2018-05-07 14:06:59 UTC  

thats the the most Jewish outlook ive ever seen on piracy

2018-05-07 14:07:02 UTC  

I csn just family share