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2018-05-10 07:14:28 UTC  

I made a show tonight with Simon Sasquatch. We were both at AmRen with Nick and the show is about our experience there. I hope you like it and if you do, I'd appreciate you sharing it. It's the first show I've ever made. We don't spoil Buck's speech.

2018-05-10 07:15:23 UTC  

@sharialabeouf I'll watch it after I'm done with Nick's debate. You got anything set up with ebola yet boss?

2018-05-10 07:15:39 UTC  

Nick's speech*

I hunt so my phone always corrects Nick to Buck.

2018-05-10 07:17:11 UTC  

I want to. My Twitter breakout wasn't the best look but I was so angry. I could one listen to it in short segments before I had to pause it and calm down. Ricky is my friend.

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2018-05-10 07:17:57 UTC  

How is the debate? I'm about to start it.

2018-05-10 07:18:13 UTC  

Nah dude you're out for blood no worries, get his ass I hate that fag

2018-05-10 07:18:21 UTC  


2018-05-10 07:18:29 UTC  

Very civil big brained debate

2018-05-10 07:18:36 UTC  


2018-05-10 07:19:09 UTC  

Nice departure from the CRP and that other boomer

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2018-05-10 07:19:39 UTC  

Boomers are over. Nick killed them all at AmRen.

2018-05-10 07:20:00 UTC  

I heard Simon talk a little bit about it on the Gulag

2018-05-10 07:20:10 UTC  

how's ricky doing?

2018-05-10 07:20:52 UTC  

Yeah, they got cut off at half an hour. If you liked that show, you'll love the one we just made.

2018-05-10 07:21:33 UTC  

I haven't talked to him in a while. He went totally dark shortly after the dox.

2018-05-10 07:22:50 UTC  

He's in my prayers every day.

hey guys i just wanna say the n word which channel do i post in for that

2018-05-10 07:23:05 UTC  

poor guy seems like a good dude

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2018-05-10 07:23:16 UTC  

Never forget Ricky

2018-05-10 07:23:16 UTC  

The best dude.

2018-05-10 07:26:32 UTC  

If you have any critiques or constructive criticism on the show, please dm me. Like I said, I'm brand new at this. I used to periscope rant a bit, but otherwise I'm a neophyte. I think you'll like it though. I think we did a pretty good job.

2018-05-10 07:27:27 UTC  

Yeah the Periscope rants were good

2018-05-10 07:27:39 UTC  

Glad to see more people making content

2018-05-10 07:28:43 UTC  

Who are you jynn? Do I know you on Twitter?

2018-05-10 07:29:03 UTC  

yeah I'm @hakujynn

2018-05-10 07:29:30 UTC  

Oh you ain't following me on your new account follow back niggy

2018-05-10 07:30:28 UTC  

Oh nice. I just followed.

2018-05-10 07:31:12 UTC  

Heck yeah brother

2018-05-10 07:31:34 UTC  

Did you hear Nick get namedropped on TDS today

2018-05-10 07:31:49 UTC  

No. Good or bad?

2018-05-10 07:32:52 UTC  

Sven namedropped him when they talked about the Iran deal

2018-05-10 07:33:03 UTC  

I don't want to quote Sven wrong, I'll find the timestamp

2018-05-10 07:34:38 UTC  

Dm it to me on Twitter because I'll forget. Not gonna listen right now because I just started the Wohl debate.

2018-05-10 07:35:01 UTC  

"Good job keeping your campaign promises that no one cares about...except Nick Fuentes"

2018-05-10 07:35:18 UTC  

hour and 27 minutes in

2018-05-10 07:36:45 UTC  

What a fucking retard...

2018-05-10 07:37:06 UTC  

That's the first time I've listened to TDS in months

2018-05-10 07:38:33 UTC  

I still listen at least once a week or so. I stopped pay-pigging months ago. I have a job that is conducive to devouring content on my headphones though.