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Press F for respects for Antifa, they are dead

2017-04-19 02:29:09 UTC  

The desecration of the graves last year was a sickening act. The ongoing abuse of our Jewish community is truly appalling and we should be outspoken in our outright condemnation of such acts

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Mate the locals dont care

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Or spit

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for S on their grave

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Take it from someone who is a local

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I have the feeling they'll be back. I'd like to have another stream

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Nobody here gives a shit about Israel

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We never mention it

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What's an Israel?

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We don't care enough

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can I has Discord link to invite? I dont know how

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Lads would you form a long term relationship with a great girl that lacks the ability to have children? But still has vag ofcourse

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so u ask for proofs there is much more on the uup and the dup zionst connections @NorthernBorn

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Happening is over guys

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What I'm saying is the populace doesn't care lad

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@everyone best Larp

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@breakneckelement yes, you guys could still adopt a white child from a poor country like Romania or Bulgaria

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it's well know on brit/pol/ wish i saved some of the stuff

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Well known about what?

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uup and the dup are zionst's

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Jewish cock smoking?

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pretty much

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Well what a surprise that the politicians are sell outs

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Auburnfags make it out alright?

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There is never any mention about Israel

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Just got out of that shitstorm

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@Mcorkin I suppose so. Its just I know I'm going to want a child of my own blood in a few years and she couldnt even carry it, doesnt have uterus. It weighs on me a bit.

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Trump sucks Israeli cock more than our politicians for

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go knock up some other chick and tell her it was an accident