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2018-09-16 19:38:29 UTC  

the fact jim is anonymous attacking people seems kinda weak

2018-09-16 19:38:36 UTC  


2018-09-16 19:38:40 UTC  

jim's a coward

2018-09-16 19:38:50 UTC  

someone give a link to his channel

2018-09-16 19:38:51 UTC  

that's why he needs his anonymity

2018-09-16 19:39:00 UTC  

naw he's not a coward, but he is salty as FUCK

2018-09-16 19:39:01 UTC  

Im anonymous now as well but im not harrassing or bullying people

2018-09-16 19:39:12 UTC  

I aint anonymous.

2018-09-16 19:39:17 UTC  

Kinda retarded of me

2018-09-16 19:39:17 UTC  

Meh Anonomous attack is fine. Who gives a crap if we know his real identity. A middle age fella isn't going to really change how I view his behavior.

2018-09-16 19:39:18 UTC  

But hey

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2018-09-16 19:39:33 UTC  

@MountainMan no worries we arent toxic

2018-09-16 19:39:42 UTC  

big dab

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2018-09-16 19:40:15 UTC  

Does Metokur not think that an anon effects people in real life when they troll them and blackmail them?

2018-09-16 19:40:24 UTC  

I thought my time with pimples was over. But they're back. <:GWfroggyFeelsUpMan:400751139563241473>

2018-09-16 19:40:32 UTC  

Autusto Dickochet being a douche

2018-09-16 19:40:42 UTC  

Also let me guess he matrix dodged the whole "army of trained teenage trolls" thing

2018-09-16 19:40:52 UTC  

lol Yea

2018-09-16 19:40:59 UTC  

@MountainMan yea when you think they're gone they come back

2018-09-16 19:41:20 UTC  

Im 24 and still have pimples and i do go outside

2018-09-16 19:41:23 UTC  

really fucking irritating. I havent had any for months.

2018-09-16 19:41:27 UTC  

Fk my skin

2018-09-16 19:41:37 UTC  


2018-09-16 19:42:13 UTC  

It explains why, doesnt make me any less irritated.

2018-09-16 19:42:15 UTC  

@MountainMan that mom of the facially deformed child is hot though a total milf

2018-09-16 19:42:23 UTC  

Certain foods produce more face grease than others. Also helpful to really wash your face with soap. Also, the covers on the pillows you sleep on is important to wash often when you are having facial skin problems.

2018-09-16 19:42:34 UTC  

she and the dad are prob siblings @Deleted User

2018-09-16 19:43:05 UTC  

@ConceptHut yee I've eaten a tad bit more fatty food this week. might be the reason.

2018-09-16 19:43:36 UTC  

everyone washes their face

2018-09-16 19:43:50 UTC  

@MountainMan wipe your face with 60grain sand paper

2018-09-16 19:43:51 UTC  

Im severly dissapointed in the state of humanity after watching the video of stefan molyneux and the cucked married man. at least there are still some families not being degenerate that takes care and love for the facially deformed child

2018-09-16 19:44:56 UTC  

My face creates a lot of oil. So I wash it rather regurarly.

2018-09-16 19:45:09 UTC  


2018-09-16 19:45:20 UTC  

It helps against the sun tho. ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-09-16 19:45:39 UTC  

its that kurdish skin that isnt suitable for the harsh nordicuck winds from sweden

2018-09-16 19:46:04 UTC  

naa its just more suited for warmer weather.

2018-09-16 19:46:41 UTC  

and almost every form of sand- or mountain people have a bunch of oily skin ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-09-16 19:46:42 UTC