Message from Squeekups in welp. u already Kno... #👀carne-de-cuck🕵🏻

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"this guy is going to make a big wiki on me and dox me" no one ever threatened to dox your personal info... Why would anyone ever need to do that when your info is already wildly public? Omnis said that he would post a wiki about this incident, the lies that you have told, and show proof of those lies only.. Not any of your personal info.. On the spare domain name that he had purchased for you originally to help you I believe.

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He has also made the clam to others Omnis is trying to get famous off other peoples work..

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Now this one is really funny because omnis is a 100% original artist... HE DOESN'T JUST MIX OTHER PEOPLES MUSIC... He designs and engineers machines, robots, and PC'S from scratch, then programs them, builds custom operating systems, populates circuit boards, designs and engineers products for his machines to produce, live streams and multicasts it. He's his own sound, camera, and broadcast crew, He works with 3d software for animations. He welds and fabricates, cars, boats and motor toys, Is his own mechanic. He's fully self taught and self achieved.. wtf did you and unicorn bring to the party unoriginal music and Shiite wix sites? I Built Omnis's site with wordpress and active SSL like pros do.. Unicorn did NOTHING. She wanted to help but, we got it, so we told her to help others instead.(asava)

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Omnis built his bis long long before you came along. How the fuck do you think you can claim hes taking credit for your work?

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He has taken out of context what Omnis said and is now trying to convince proudboys that He is going to sue them and that me and ana are trying to doxx him.

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Looks like a whole lot of wasted energy. Go start a family it's actually fun to make babies.

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@Squeekups who is?

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this channel is to sort out a very seroius issue can you guys please del all this extra shit

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thank you

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vield threats of slandering ana to PB portland (we have been told that he did infact do this..)

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btw her facebook page got deleted because some one reported her for her name.. unicorn his now possible acompice acording to her "used to work for bigh tech" I just find it funny that all of us have reported them for actual stalking threats because our accounts and biz pages start getting FALSELY REPORTED AND BANNED there is alot more break down to come

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Can I comment on here as I am TRr

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Can I say no one has ever said omnis has said anything bad about Trr ever only MK

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And you can’t copyright something that’s copy written am I correct ?

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Well there you go

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he does that for anyone he has ever done work for... with vin it was assumed because it was already your logo. He only fked with alex like as a joke when he was mad and asava knows it.. he did it to sangmores face he didn't hide it

2019-10-02 17:23:34 UTC  

Yeah well it’s drama over nothing that bothers me this was easily avoidable and omnis would have welcomed Mk back but it’s well too late for that

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he never asked anyone for money also just want to point that out just wanted to help patriots

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He’s never asked for money

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shameless plug: logo in question

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That right there takes a lot of time and talent to learn how to do. Its an autocad 3d tspline the surface geometry is a huge math equation that can be used by machines to be made into products with tool paths.. And that is an advanced rendering lighting and reflections shading all done with math so you can see it.. This type of shit is normally like 260$per hr and takes about a solid month of work. He's just trying to learn it for himself as a challenge his test models are patriots logos for free..

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No one would ever do so much work for free just to take it back from someone.

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