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@everyone here is my new channel for info wars content. I should be back livestreaming on it daily tomorrow or friday.

Looks like a whole lot of wasted energy. Go start a family it's actually fun to make babies.

back live!

If you haven't seen this then it will definately make you laugh your happy tits off.

wow I really like this streaming audio info wars bot I'm curious on how to set this up in one of my channels

gmornin! coffee = lifeblood lol

covfefe my favorite flavor!


Maybe thats why there is so much sand there LOL


I think LOTS of folks are fooled into worshipping lucifer.....

oh dam

just repeat this "that wich does not kill you only makes you stronger" after the bruises heal of course


I'm sending some of my good vibes and karma to Natalie and Kay for the day. I hope it helps!

I'd kill for some smoke right now!!!

Its the only thing that keeps my temperment on an even keel lol


Aight man nice talking with you

Hey Chobitz no heavyD to spout off random drunken crap here


thats a write up

By the sounds of it he needs a broken jaw

clit snot!

maybe grab a magnifying glass?

or telescope

roger that

It was nice chatting yall. I gotta make myself useful for the day lol

If you haven't seen Trey Smith's work and you've got the time. There is ALOT here and I think it's really good stuff.

Good morning and God bless!

28 and slushy here.......wanna trade???


I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I gotta bounce to make some good food to start the day

Watch Trey Smith's latest documentary. It will clear up the discrepancy in the time tables.

He just dropped it like yesterday. Great watch. I highly recomend it.

Mornin Kay!

Happy fake warrior day! I can't wait for the fake warrior bowl!

Still tryin to give the Kung Flu a good solid judy chop

I start back work on monday but wouldn't ya know it the kung flu hits me friday


I'll take the good with the bad this time happily!

minor set backs How's Kay today???

That only means you had LOTS of fun last night lol

Thats pretty cool @Deleted User I haven't run a manual lathe in a while. But I run a Makino A-81 daily.

check that one out

The paper was written in 1995

still 100% true

Good afternoon folks and what a GREAT week for America!

Thank you Kay doing good. I hope your doing great too. Wutang Flu couldn't keep me down!!!

Fever broke after 5 days yesterday. On the upswing now just gotta get all these alien goblin babies out of my lungs lol

Covfefe time!

mornin boss

Hell yes I am!


every morning

oh uhhh one sec

np boss

mornin yall

going good @Deleted User just havin some eggs n coffee

make that two beers!


I wouldnt mind having this bot setup for infowars in my discord

I got a song no doubt that I been playing all day

you MIGHT like it

I like this song not bad at all

Can you play "Remember Me by Jeremiah"

no worries I can find out later

thinking isn't fun

at least for me it isn't lol

can you repeat that in english please?


I'm a noob

and a bit stoned lol

this my jam!

dem snapz doe

jelly roll?


different I never heard that one before

I like this jam too

I been liking this one for a few months

where do I put the link to add a song??

like that?

ah got it!


I derped it still

I got it!

makes sense

I got a british friend who hates brexit......he's drunk all the time and not very smart lol

not bad

I like the singin better than the rappin in this one

a little bit of everything

I like some old ass country and stuff like metallica

never heard of luscious

I'm a big Tupac fan though. He was the best.

dam I like this music player

this is cool shit

this is good shit

its pretty cool no doubt

I never heard this one. Good stuff.


dam that beat tho!

yea it gets better

right about now

music is definately like oxygen

I should take more time to breathe it

anxiety is a bitch lol



but not bad

you can't hear this song???

is there a command to restart the song??

Alright it was fun jammin. Heard a couple new songs. I gotta get some rest. Later Kayy

went live on DLive and 25 mins later account banned


they suck

For re broadcasting Info Wars

morning Kay

we are ALL gonna die.......

me neither!


The fun part will be repopulating the earth AZ unless the only female left is hitlary.....

Then I will leave the work to you

zero fux given lol

good afternoon yall!

hows Kay today? and AZ?

I been trying to do that for like 5 years LOL


When the world ends any day now I'm going to grow out my beard and braid it into my pubes to make an impenetrable frontal armor.

Have you tried CBD gummies or oil??? Works GREAT if you don't want to be taking chemicals made by the trustworthy corporations of the world.

Or even just a weed edible. The key is to not eat or ingest too much. Better to take not enough.

I think that would probably be the right hting to do. I world of humans spawned from that cunt would be no good anyways.

yea lol

yep this should have happened day 1 but better late than never


Oh I bet there is shit out there like that. Just think of all the incels out there that will never get laid. They can make discord servers too......

note to self NEVER scratch feet THEN balls always go balls first



seems weird but it's probably real in this fucked up world

PC master race

nobody has red dead tho cuz it's gay

I got literally hundreds of games but I haven't been able to really get into gaming the last 2 years.

I'd rather meet up IRL and go biking

fuckin slay some hills

climb a hill smoke a bowl, climb a hill smoke a bowl, then yell like crazy on the way down

drink beer at the bottom

I will be doing both BMX and MTB this spring/summer

just need this dam snow to melt

I am not a gambler cuz I got bike parts to buy

Only ever gambled once in my life won 100 and quit


I can't wait until AFTER Trump's presidency we will get to find out how closely involved Trump was with Info Wars I bet we will all be delighted to know that they have been in CONSTANT contact.

He probably won't. We don't need it. They get attacked enough. Would be cool no doubt though.

I'm so ready for these criminals to be tarred and feathered in front of God and everyone!

yea the media is the enemy of the people no doubt

I spent 30 minutes last night explaining to a co worker how free college WILL NOT work

He's not even paying attention to whats going on and thinks bernie will win.....

Some people are willfully ignorant to whats going on.

these white RETARDS kissing black people's boots is the dam problem

Yea we should have white only college days and have white peoples boots being kissed and see how that shit goes over. Once again this is a prime example of the top 1% controlling the dumbed down people of the world. America LITERALLY fought a bloody war to free the dam slaves!!!!! MUSLIM COUNTRIES STILL SELL SLAVES RIGHT NOW!!!!!

the colleges are brain washing facilities

Yet we still want to import the 3rd world more and more with open borders????? We have folks RIGHT HERE who are dumb as shit already lol

All I can say is EVERYONE needs to be taking X2 iodine. It can literally remove your head from your ass and help folks to start thinking clearly.

lol yuck

not to me

but it's good shit no doubt

This caller read my mind

when your body is detoxxing it can make you feel tired and sluggish not always but some folks will experience that I think it depends on how clogged up your cells and glands are

@Deleted User let me know what you think of this one I have a hard time remembering all the awesome songs because there are so many lol.

It would be great to see a bunch of patriots spam the DLive discord and ask them WHY they are censoring Info Wars content on their website.

what happened with censor wars??? Didn't they used to be in here too??


Alex Jones Show Sunday live now

@sasha1111 <@!679892294748602421> your not alone I've been banned close to 20 times from YT over 50 times on twitch etc....

I'm not a trouble maker but I will not be silenced no doubt lol

Not in America by American made companies created using tax payer dollars

Hi Natalie @Queen Of Conspiracy whats the good word how are you??

I dont know what it is lol

I just got home from work. Made some burgers now I"m chillin cleaning my pipe so I can load it and get TORCHED lol

Oh I think I've seen that and also thought about joining in. Not my gig lol. If I was having a few beers I would probably get on there and do some ranting. At this point in my day I'm trying to slow down my brain and heart though.

Looks like the same setup that censorwars was trying to do

Right on from what I've read there has been some drama involved there. Something I avoid like the plague a.k.a. coronawer'allgonnadievirus

I like what these folks are doing though no doubt

I see @Deleted User haha the man behind the super cool mask!

right on

monumental waste of time IMO

when people start actin evil n shady I drop em like a bad habit

I was in the censorwars discord but I never saw anyone in there talking or antying so I left

If they get to blame Trump for the Kung Flu it could politically ruin him. I agree with Mike Adams on that one.

It's not beyond the globalists to have china release a bio weapon JUST to beat Trump........these people are sick.

I bet. I could elaborate ALOT on what I said too.

At the end of the day I'm more scared of the unmasked folks behind the curtain pulling the strings globally than I am a virus.

Yea thats his full name Alexander Emeric Jones


don't touch me there

thats my no no square

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