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2019-12-13 04:39:08 UTC  

and this:
`>>> line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4
line 5

2019-12-13 04:39:20 UTC  

yields this:
>>> line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4
line 5

2019-12-13 04:39:59 UTC  

So, just play around with it, in case this isn't clear.

2019-12-20 17:43:28 UTC  

Did I not already post a link to this a couple days ago? If I already did, my apologies, but it's certainly worth watching.

2019-12-20 17:43:44 UTC  

The above video is only part one.

2019-12-20 17:43:52 UTC  

I'm not all the way through it yet. (too much work to do)

2019-12-20 17:43:59 UTC  

So far, so good.

2019-12-20 17:44:12 UTC  

All three parts can be found here:

2019-12-26 05:12:36 UTC  

Thanks for that last link, Cham. Interesting info.

2019-12-26 15:47:19 UTC  

No problem @Karnivore

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