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electromagnetic hemoglobin 5G.

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@Deleted User thanks for this vid! Good one to share to the unwoke actually

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@Boost777 This is what I wanted you to have a look at:
> #1 How was Iran so hard hit with the CCP Virus, when there exists not a single instance of 5G in Iran?
> #2 Same as above, but also applied to India and Japan. India also has no 5G, and Japan only just started rolling out 5G in the past week.
> #3 South Korea has had 5G in place for a full year, but only began seeing CCP Virus cases after the outbreak in Wuhan.

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Again, I don't like this lightning-fast 5G rollout at all. I don't like being a guinea pig for technocrats and the politicians they paid off to get rollouts like this passed.

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Iran currently has no 5G.

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I get your point. I don't have all the answers but I don't believe viruses are contagious

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There's what Iran looks like right now. 👆 No 5G.

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Why wouldn't you believe that viruses are contagious?

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I'm just interested in truths.

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Not argument.

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So don't get me wrong.

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I've seen that video. That guy is completely wrong.

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Don't worry I'm interested in truths too

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then we're on the same page

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I'm not here to tear down I am open

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same here

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I do believe viruses are secretions of the body

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Before about a week ago, I had never heard of such a thing.

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We have been conditioned to believe they are contagious

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Taking that into consideration for a moment, everyone cannot simultaneously excrete the same identical virus.

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if they are all poisoned they can

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How could that even attempt to be explained? That would be equivalent to hundreds of thousands of people (more, actually) winning the lottery, with all the same exact numbers, while those numbers were picked at random.

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So there are multiple complexities going on simultaneously here.

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certain temperatures trigger cell detoxification and the effects of new frequencies

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Oh I agree there are

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#1 Does 5G have anything to do with this CCP Virus? (I have taken to calling it the Communist Chinese Party Virus 😄)

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#2 How is it spreading?

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Does Wuhan being the first city with blanket 5g have any correlation

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it's more complex than just these two, but just break it out into these two for simplicity's sake.

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Or the mandatory vaccines in China