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Composting toilets "prevents" unsanitary vectors (flies, fleas, scabies, rats, mosquitoes, and etc) vs sheet composting systems - the poop is horizontally laid out under the black garbage bag.

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Has anyone know how to properly construct a wooden model of the Solar powered composting toilet shed with Transparent plastic Cardboard?

2019-11-27 21:13:02 UTC  

Made you thousands of intrinsic value of units for building the row house of solar powered composting toilet shed with plastic cardboard.

2019-11-27 21:19:00 UTC  

The Red are 4 by 4 studs that have flooring joists, blue, and the outhouses are green (a load onto the red studs and blue flooring joists)

2019-11-27 21:19:56 UTC  

The Wired compost bin is under the floor joists to compost the human poop into a hole.

2019-11-27 21:20:49 UTC ( Green house load on the red and blue load bearing structure )

2019-11-27 21:29:05 UTC ( tiny House with solar panels )

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survival medicine

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Composting toilets, Greenhouse, Cold Frames, Polytunnels, and tiny houses. Spirulina, microgreens, herbs, medicine, staples grains, vegetables, and livestocks.

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Maslows base layer of needs.

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Here we go...moved to prepping.

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Just watch out for the Tsar Bomba.

2020-01-22 04:39:58 UTC  

That guy above definitely sounds like he's from the Ark-La-Tex region.

2020-01-22 04:40:22 UTC  

I always imagined that some of you guys lived just like this guy:

2020-01-29 20:14:02 UTC  

The last two times I've been to the auto parts store I've found these two and a half gallon poly containers with flex spouts and caps. They contain a urea water mixture for use in the new diesel trucks. Urea is water soluble so they are easy to clean out and use for freshwater storage. Ask the store manager if they have any in the back as there are too big for the trash cans out in front of the store.

2020-01-29 20:28:29 UTC  

The nozzle also collapses down 4 compact storage

2020-02-03 06:18:13 UTC  

I am weary of plastic containers for long term water storage.

2020-02-03 06:18:57 UTC  

Too much chemicals and synthetic estrogen seep into it overtime for my liking.

2020-02-03 06:20:55 UTC  

Polyethylene like what's used in milk jugs

2020-02-03 06:21:07 UTC  

No estrogen

2020-02-03 06:22:22 UTC  

You're thinking of bisphenol
"BPA is a xenoestrogen, exhibiting estrogen-mimicking, hormone-like properties.[6] Although the effect is very weak, the pervasiveness of BPA-containing materials raises concerns. Since 2008, several governments have investigated its safety, which prompted some retailers to withdraw polycarbonate products."

2020-02-07 02:32:18 UTC